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  • Exec U Sist

    Exec U Sist

    2.3 (6 reviews)
    • Staff
    • www.execusist.com

    "I feel bad for the people who have a negative view about this company because it's the same thing I tell my kids when they were little: they're mean because they're jealous. The family I work with every day spends time caring..."

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  • Sentinel Field Services

    Sentinel Field Services

    1.4 (3 reviews)
    • Staff
    • www.sfsco.net

    "They sent at emails asking for vendors to perform interior and exterior inspections. The fees are $10.00 to $35.00 Dollars. I will not even start my car up for these fees. I declined to work for this company.
    Exterior $10.00

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  • RBD Marketing

    RBD Marketing

    1.0 (2 reviews)
    • Staff
    • rbdmarketing.com

    "Not a good place at all to work for first of all u will go through training then u will b sent into the workforce ignorant and they will tell u everything u learned wa wrong plus the guy I worked for was a total *** and an ***..."

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  • "I have worked with Mr Terhune for three years and received a substantial check every week. As with anything in life you get what you put into it, yes the hours can be long, but people know the hours before they sign a legal..."

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  • CoraCall


    • Staff
    • coracall.com

    "A number of companies have made headlines over the last few years, but one company that has made headlines for all the wrong reasons is Phruit Limited. And it has done so because of its deceptive ways.However, a company that is pr..."

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  • Working Solutions

    Working Solutions

    1.0 (1 review)
    • Staff
    • www.workingsolutions.com

    "Working Solutions poses as an Independent Contractor and they ask you to sign contracts. However, this company trains and micromanages you. They monitor, direct and listen to all your phone calls, judge every word you say and if y..."

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  • Poplar Living Center

    Poplar Living Center

    1.0 (1 review)
    • Staff

    "I thought the Riverton hospital was bad, but popular living center takes the ribbon! All i have to say is pay attention to EVERYTHING going on. I would incourage visiting as much as possible, and watch what you sign! "

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  • Orangeberry Book Tours

    Orangeberry Book Tours

    1.0 (3 reviews)
    • Staff

    "I was new at trying to promote a book and got screwed by Rachel Thompson aka Bad Red Head Media who has several aliases. The whole thing was sock puppet accounts that she "hired" people to run and then didn't pay them. People tryi..."

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  • Bako Pathology Services

    Bako Pathology Services

    • Staff
    • bakodx.com

    "I read the reviews and still took the job because the now HR Director painted this beautiful picture of changes of transparency, team work and an "open door" policy, which I never saw the four months I was there. I immediately not..."

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  • 3t Solutions

    3t Solutions

    1.8 (2 reviews)
    • Staff
    • www.3tsolutions.com

    "My name is Tammi Terrell and I purchase a money order June 22nd 2020 the money order was lost in the mail. I filled out a money order refund request form on July 7th. I called to check the status and it said that it had been..."

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