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  • Supercare


    2.0 (3 reviews)
    • Staff
    • www.supercaremed.com

    "An RT was supposed to call me. They did not. I called them and was put on hold for hours The complaints are TRUE I wish I had read them before I got mixed up with them."

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  • Graybar Electric

    Graybar Electric

    1.0 (3 reviews)
    • Staff
    • www.graybar.com

    "Worked there for 20 year. Because of Covid all positions with people on pension plans were eliminated for profit for the shareholders. This greed continues with fake shipping charges to customer and adding an automatic 2-3% to..."

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  • Unit Infocom

    Unit Infocom

    5.0 (1 review)
    • Staff

    "You should focus on your team work which says
    "Together Everyone Achieve More". Best Place to work hard and

    Party Hard. Hard work, Intelligence, Focus, Team work - 4 mantras

    shared by most of the employees here. Gives lots of..."

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  • Nonstop Recruitment

    Nonstop Recruitment

    2.2 (5 reviews)
    • Staff
    • www.nonstop-recruitment.com

    "Pyramid Scheme. Do not waste your time. You will not get promoted anytime soon. You will never get your commissions."

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  • Kennesaw Transportation

    Kennesaw Transportation

    3.6 (2 reviews)
    • Staff
    • www.kennesawtrans.com

    "this is the worst. company to work for. I've been a over-the-road driver for 22 years. And never had a company to treat me like this Bay truck broke down on me is Chicago Illinois and they wanted me to wait a week and a half for..."

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  • Colorado CPR Association

    Colorado CPR Association

    2.2 (4 reviews)
    • Staff
    • www.cocprassn.com

    "I am sad to see all of the negativity, and it sucks that people are more likely to post reviews only if they had a bad experience, but about the positive.
    I want to explain my continual and complete satisfaction with the training e..."

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  • Blue Label Marketing Events

    Blue Label Marketing Events

    3.2 (3 reviews)
    • Staff
    • www.bluelabelmarketingeventsinc.com

    "I invested in good faith in Blue Label and then BL basically ran campaigns without my consent and refused to answer the phone contact or speak with me or permit me to withdraw my investment. I asked for all campaigns to be..."

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  • Writerbay


    4.3 (4 reviews)
    • Staff
    • www.writerbay.com

    "I am Christine Luyo Manyasi. ID 2803****. Noticed that one of your account holders Tiras Wainaina has been using my details without my authorization to transact money. Infact I understand that it is also illegal to use an account..."

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  • Nexxlinx


    2.8 (4 reviews)
    • Staff
    • www.nexxlinx.com

    "We are moving and there is no way to return your devise, so you don't want to provide a return label to get the modem, so you want us to hold it untill September 9."

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  • Hahn Transportation

    Hahn Transportation

    1.3 (1 review)
    • Staff

    "Don't fix trucks, don't have work so you can't make money, have to watch your pay stub they will short you, and if you give a 2 week notice don't plan on having that last paycheck they will have enough fees to take it all. Stay..."

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