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  • Healthcare Services Group

    Healthcare Services Group

    1.3 (51 reviews)
    • Staff
    • www.hcsgcorp.com

    "Today is payday and i have not recommended it in my direct deposit. When asking my manager, she hasn't responded all day."

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  • Idc Technologies

    Idc Technologies

    3.3 (58 reviews)
    • Staff
    • idctechnologies.com

    "IDC Techologies gave me an fake offer letter after attending the interview with its client TCS
    Trusting the offer letter I resigned from the current job since they mentioned they will initiate the joining process only after my resi..."

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  • Barrister Global Services Network

    Barrister Global Services Network

    1.5 (44 reviews)
    • Staff
    • www.barrister.com

    "I work for this company for about 2 months. These people will promise you I promise you I never come through they will say that you will be paid $60 for a job or 120 for a job and when they tell you it will be $21 they will rip..."

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  • Cydcor


    1.4 (21 reviews)
    • Staff
    • www.cydcor.com

    "I spoke to an associate a week ago and was scammed by Cydcor Retail and I am needing my $111 put back onto my card and the agreement reversed as well.
    Update: It has been 3 days since I have spoken with a representative who said he..."

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  • Senior Lifestyle Corporation

    Senior Lifestyle Corporation

    1.7 (27 reviews)
    • Staff
    • www.seniorlifestyle.com

    "Didnt get paid today at all and I have Bill's to pay. My kids need food and school clothes. Please help me get it. Call me at 402607****. It would be awesome if I could get paid asap today. I'm super upset because you have paid..."

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  • ITechLine


    2.4 (5 reviews)
    • Staff
    • www.itechline.com

    "I canceled an order on August 1. It apparently was shipped on August 5 even though it was cancelled 4 days prior. Supposedly it was delivered on August 9, but I was out of town. When I got home, there was no package there. I fille..."

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  • Convergys


    2.3 (16 reviews)
    • Staff
    • www.convergys.com

    "i would like to know why is your service in my house is always having difficulties? my niece and my borders are working from home and needs internet and its been 3 days. almost every month they are always complaining about tour se..."

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  • Arias Agencies

    Arias Agencies

    3.1 (13 reviews)
    • Staff
    • www.ariasagencies.com

    "Why are they still scamming. And still posting Multiple position at the end the day it’s only one position which is to sell life insurance."

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  • Apollo Transfer Company

    Apollo Transfer Company

    1.4 (6 reviews)
    • Staff
    • apollotransfer.com

    "They have been rated the worst transporting non-cdl trucking company in the US. Lawsuits, illeagel practice and violations. If your working for them now. Quit !"

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  • Businessolver


    1.3 (9 reviews)
    • Staff
    • www.businessolver.com

    "Give me costumer number sir please reopen sir my account sir please me sir old account bdjejebbsbenj"

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