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  • Tcl


    1.8 (172 reviews)
    • Appliances and Electronics
    • www.tcl.com

    "My television is not working please provide me service within days i am suffering from more problems please provide me better service i am from silvassa dadara nagar haveli"

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  • Appliances Connection

    Appliances Connection

    1.7 (192 reviews)
    • Appliances and Electronics
    • www.appliancesconnection.com

    "I have order a bed and i got only a drawer of bed for the price of 1360$. It is a *** company never buy trying to get a couple hundred les compere ather companies because you will be scammed from appliances connection"

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  • Sony India

    Sony India

    1.8 (109 reviews)
    • Appliances and Electronics
    • www.sony.co.in

    "Hello sir ..i order online Sony speaker V90DW ..WEB SIDE vplak .com .but my speaker display is down area open and screw is lose . But i complaint a vplak and delivery company..but not lesson my complaint.. you solve my problem...."

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  • General Electric

    General Electric

    1.5 (71 reviews)
    • Appliances and Electronics
    • www.ge.com

    "I received a returned checks from Health Equity. My husband died June 25, 2022. Was this for death insurance for my husband, and thats why no more $ is due? Did my husband have life insurance for me also? Janice Dennee"

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  • Bose Corporation

    Bose Corporation

    2.1 (183 reviews)
    • Appliances and Electronics
    • www.bose.com

    "My center channel would not program for me to work. It just stopped working. May be about a week or two. I havent been using it for about that long. when I get ready to use it, no sound from the TV but when I transfer it from my..."

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  • Sansui


    1.5 (103 reviews)
    • Appliances and Electronics
    • www.sansuiproducts.com

    "Your executive not coming washing machine please send me your executive not pick up your executive my number varishth service and Sansui"

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  • Tigerdirect


    1.6 (73 reviews)
    • Appliances and Electronics
    • www.tigerdirect.com

    "I need to get a return purchase order because I ordered the wrong phone and I need to get a refund on it. And I didnt have a receipt in this package with this order. I will not be ordering anything else from your company."

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  • Dometic


    1.8 (151 reviews)
    • Appliances and Electronics
    • www.dometic.com

    "Has not been resolved but I have options to explore.
    Im hoping the new seal works but would like to know if this issue is inherent to this toilet?"

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  • Streamsmart


    1.5 (130 reviews)
    • Appliances and Electronics
    • streamsmartusa.com

    "The store clerk wedding give me my money back after I bought two cards and said that they can't give me the money back for them or give me an exchange for the car so I got $100 because your card is not refundable if it doesn't..."

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  • Breville


    2.1 (160 reviews)
    • Appliances and Electronics
    • www.breville.com

    "First let me say that if I could give these folks a -5 or 10 I wouldve done it in a heartbeat so after all the crap they put me through and the phone calls they promised me last week about two day delivery that never happened..."

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