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  • Ultimate Medical Academy

    Ultimate Medical Academy

    1.5 (56 reviews)
    • Education
    • www.ultimatemedical.edu

    "I am going crazy today trying to figure out how and what I have to do PLEASE help...I'm stuck on fill n out the forms"

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  • Bill Plant Driving School

    Bill Plant Driving School

    1.4 (55 reviews)
    • Education
    • www.billplant.co.uk

    "Martian Hallam-Benn Firstly very unprofessional, when having lessons with the instructor he doesn't really communicate, talks very very little and when he does something, you end up having a near miss. Communication is key and if..."

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  • StuDocu


    1.2 (19 reviews)
    • Education
    • www.studocu.com

    I cancelled my membership two or three months ago. I noticed your company charged my credit card.
    I wanna know why ? when I cancelled it .It should not charge me.
    Please refund it.
    Behnaz Farahani"

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  • Legacy Education Alliance

    Legacy Education Alliance

    1.6 (51 reviews)
    • Education
    • www.legacyeducationalliance.com

    "No one answered the phone"

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  • Khan Academy

    Khan Academy

    2.5 (28 reviews)
    • Education
    • www.khanacademy.org

    "The line was busy and none of my 10 calls went through. I was unable to get into contact with Khan Academy"

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  • Rory Ricord

    Rory Ricord

    2.1 (46 reviews)
    • Education
    • rrr247.com

    "After a few months of no money made but my own expended I realized this was a pyramid scheme Rory and his wife made money big time he designed a pretty good Marketing system and does pedal quality products 47 dollars is nothing..."

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  • The Coaching Institute

    The Coaching Institute

    1.3 (35 reviews)
    • Education
    • www.thecoachinginstitute.com.au

    "They are scams in every sense you can imagine
    They are not accredited in anything
    They charge tens of thousands of dollars for rubbish content and they won't even deliver on this rubbish
    Please please think 20 times before signing up..."

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  • WordSmart


    • Education
    • www.wordsmart.com

    "I got a call from wordsmart saying that my wife and son wanted a college prep course and it was up to me to say yes. So I made the mistake of giving him (Raymond Harding) my credit card information. When my wife told me that they..."

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  • Tutor Doctor

    Tutor Doctor

    1.3 (17 reviews)
    • Education
    • www.tutordoctor.com

    "Tutor Doctor is a worldwide organization committed to offering high quality tutoring services at affordable rates. Our state-of-the-art instructional methods and unique approach towards learning requires dedication and commitment..."

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  • Safety Services Company

    Safety Services Company

    1.2 (14 reviews)
    • Education
    • www.safetyservicescompany.com

    "The Masterbuilt customer service dept sent me a link to their website and explained that I could look up the part.
    I couldnt find the part I needed. I searched through every page I could access. I could not find it. So I went back..."

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