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  • Penn Foster

    Penn Foster

    2.5 (81 reviews)
    • Education
    • www.pennfoster.edu

    "YI am going to get my login information. I was previously in rolled in charge of money to my credit and I am trying to get into my account to start working on classes."

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  • Numerade


    1.2 (179 reviews)
    • Education
    • www.numerade.com

    "I dont understand how or why Im getting charged for this subscription. The website says I dont even have a subscription but Im getting billed by it. Theres no help line or email I can contact to get this fixed, can somebody..."

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  • Adaptedmind


    1.6 (118 reviews)
    • Education
    • www.adaptedmind.com

    "Wanted to notify you that there is an error in the amazing jellies question (grade 1).
    They ask what a nematocyst is and the correct answer is answer C not B. Could this please be corrected. It was quite frustrating when my daughte..."

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  • Nv Real Estate Academy

    Nv Real Estate Academy

    4.7 (168 reviews)
    • Education
    • nvrealestateacademy.com

    "His classes might seem good but hes just out to get your money, and if you unsubscribe from his email list you just get more email."

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  • Actualtests


    1.5 (120 reviews)
    • Education
    • www.actualtests.com

    "I signed up for ActualTest and then paid for the pretest capabilities. My first certification is LPIC1, and even though it shows on the list to upgrade, once upgraded its not available. There is no phone number to call, I have..."

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  • ETS


    1.3 (112 reviews)
    • Education
    • www.ets.org

    "We've done the payment but didn't get any confirmation mail regarding GRE registration
    Made a payment of INR : 22,550 rs /-
    We either didn't get any refund back into our account
    We need confirmation
    So please kindly look into this iss..."

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  • John Robert Powers

    John Robert Powers

    1.4 (10 reviews)
    • Education
    • www.johnrobertpowers.net

    "Years ago they took my $600. No sign on the building. 5 weeks were spent teaching us to put on makeup a d set tables. They pretended to make commercials & promised pro- spectjve models trips to Paris. Nobody that I knew got to..."

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  • Kumon


    1.7 (100 reviews)
    • Education
    • www.kumon.com

    "This King George Blvd location is owned by a thief named Shanker. When I questioned him why all of a sudden my fees went up from previous months, he lied and told me I always paid that rate. I trusted him at first, thinking I was..."

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    1.5 (26 reviews)
    • Education
    • ignou.ac.in

    "Didnot reaponse our call there are so many customer service number but they didnot reposnse with any number its been so long o do not got any help from there representative."

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  • Prometric


    2.1 (55 reviews)
    • Education
    • www.prometric.com

    "On Saturday 9/24/2022 I was due to take my CNA test. Upon arrival the instructor placed 8 candidats about 1.5 feet apart. We were not in cubicles, nor were there privacy screens on the elongated computer screens. The instructor wa..."

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