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  • Pearson Education

    Pearson Education

    1.4 (780 reviews)
    • Education
    • www.pearson.com

    "Bought a course and book, but it's not showing up. Tried to call support, but it can't be reached from my area (Oregon)."

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  • Shaw Academy

    Shaw Academy

    1.2 (801 reviews)
    • Education
    • www.shawacademy.com

    "I have a cancelation email from June of 2021. I was charged for July August and September. I would like my money back."

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  • ABCmouse


    2.0 (505 reviews)
    • Education
    • www.abcmouse.com

    "I want to cancel my account Because we no longer use it in havent used it in months and I havent been charged for it in Manchester and now Im charge for it which is *** because I thought it been canceled months ago"

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  • Cengage Learning

    Cengage Learning

    1.4 (244 reviews)
    • Education
    • www.cengage.co.uk

    "So My professor has the bright idea to make us use Cengage Mobile (which I have never used) as a way to take attendance in a corporate finance class... I will never understand why...
    So I already do not like Cengage, and this prett..."

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  • Curriculum Associates

    Curriculum Associates

    1.3 (189 reviews)
    • Education
    • www.curriculumassociates.com

    "If I had the choice to do I ready for the rest of my life I'd rather die its SO BAD and not only that teachers expect students to do 45 minutes even 1 hour of this and get 10 OR MORE I READY LESSONS PASSED animation bad story bad..."

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  • Stratford Career Institute

    Stratford Career Institute

    2.4 (96 reviews)
    • Education
    • www.scitraining.com

    "I asked for information regarding taking classes, and there was no end to the communication I received. I spoke with the school on several occasions letting them know that I would not be attending due to my doctors saying I had 3..."

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  • Duolingo


    2.2 (137 reviews)
    • Education
    • www.duolingo.com

    "I need to cancel it I got an email that I would be charged on the 23rd tomorrow. I already canceled but it is showing up as pending in my bank account I need to make sure I am not charged. I like the subscription just can't..."

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  • Penn Foster

    Penn Foster

    2.4 (73 reviews)
    • Education
    • www.pennfoster.edu

    I signed up for a medical terminology course and elected to make payments, Penn Foster took out the first 150.00 right away and then sent me an email of a payment being due in 3 days. This is stupid, If i was going to pay 150.0..."

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  • Studypool


    2.7 (141 reviews)
    • Education
    • www.studypool.com

    Still waiting for someone to connect with me in order to refund the money taken from my account.
    Please do it asap.
    Thank you."

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  • Adaptedmind


    1.6 (107 reviews)
    • Education
    • www.adaptedmind.com

    "This app or website whatever the *** it is takes my money WITHOUT my consent no heads up nothing and I want my money back seeing as im a single mother with 5 children I needed my money and this shouldnt even be a thing you should..."

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