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  • Scentsy


    2.2 (263 reviews)
    • E-commerce

    "I recently received a Scentsy plug in warmer for Easter I think she ordered it from the Internet it was brand new In the package and I haven't even got to use it I don't no if it's in the whole unit or bulb I have no idea what to..."

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  • Appario Retail Private

    Appario Retail Private

    1.5 (170 reviews)
    • E-commerce

    "I have bought an Amazon basics power Bank which is regrettingly not working properly & it's under warranty period. I have shared all needful documents with videos but still it's not resolved."

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  • HelpWithMyOrder Com

    HelpWithMyOrder Com

    1.6 (272 reviews)
    • E-commerce

    "I saw an ad online about the garden *** that looked great & was priced around $33.00, so I ordered it. I received the *** head with no handle, called customer support & was told that I could buy the handle for an extra $10.00 +..."

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  • The Ashton Drake Galleries

    The Ashton Drake Galleries

    1.9 (313 reviews)
    • E-commerce

    "I shipped the item back two months ago and still have not received a refund!!! I want my $206.00 back!!! Worst customer service ever."

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  • FlexShopper


    2.1 (304 reviews)
    • E-commerce

    "I placed a order for pick up at Best Buy 3 days ago and I called Best Buy and they said they never received the order so I called them and they said u will get it when it's ready like how am I going to get it ready when u haven't..."

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  • My Tactical Promos

    My Tactical Promos

    2.5 (221 reviews)
    • E-commerce

    "I put the Laser Slingshot together and the Laser didn't work...what more can I say? I'm returning it."

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  • Stoneberry


    2.3 (244 reviews)
    • E-commerce

    "I have $618 available credit, so I decided to order some HOKA shoes. I ordered and was told I had to pay in full and that they can't be cancelled for 90 days when they will fall off. Apparently, my credit was checked again after..."

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  • Sweepstakes Clearinghouse

    Sweepstakes Clearinghouse

    2.8 (116 reviews)
    • E-commerce

    "I never was covered for my payments during my surgery or recovery. I never got my items or money back. I still have all my proof of pay and orders. How can I get refunded for the money now?"

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  • ModernBeyond


    1.4 (256 reviews)
    • E-commerce

    "Worst company ever. They shipped an inferior product and will not respond. Thieves. Horrible beyond belief. Vvv:.................... . . . ......."

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  • Shoppers Advantage

    Shoppers Advantage

    1.2 (73 reviews)
    • E-commerce

    "Be carefulBeI have never been a member of Shoppers Advantage and was very surprised to get an letter that they would be charging me a monthly fee of $16.99. YIPES ! ! ! since I am not a member."

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