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  • 2gud


    1.8 (307 reviews)
    • E-commerce
    • www.2gud.com

    "my technical team is not available at the same time dont call ans. me and i do call i dont know what to do"

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  • Jacquie Lawson

    Jacquie Lawson

    2.8 (241 reviews)
    • E-commerce
    • www.jacquielawson.com

    "I want to change my email address but can't do it and keep getting bumped to the same page I don't want. When told to use my old email address it still doesn't work. Even this page doesn't work."

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  • Very


    2.4 (253 reviews)
    • E-commerce
    • www.very.co.uk

    "Rubbish trying to get through to talk to anybody tried for 3 days over 20 minutes each time and dont blame it on covid terrible service.none"

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  • Idea Village

    Idea Village

    1.9 (243 reviews)
    • E-commerce
    • www.ideavillage.com

    "My never lost face masks, both my blue masks on the left side where the lanyard connects to the mask, the stitching missed the lanyard and only glue is holding the lanyard on. So I sewed them on myself. I just want to tell you to..."

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  • QuiBids


    1.7 (142 reviews)
    • E-commerce
    • www.quibids.com

    "Found site second's to go for bid so I I bid. It was a smaller amount per item. I didn't think it was a bunch of the same item. I do not want items. I'd like a refund thank you.
    Mark Belman 309-721-****

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  • Scentsy


    2.1 (251 reviews)
    • E-commerce
    • scentsy.net

    "USP said they sent it. USPS said they never got it. Scentsy never provided me with sender address to file a claim. I'll stick with Yankee. Rude. Out of $30. Shouldn't offer UPS post. No accountability"

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  • The Ashton Drake Galleries

    The Ashton Drake Galleries

    1.9 (301 reviews)
    • E-commerce
    • www.ashtondrake.com

    "I clicked on 4 installment payments on my dolls. Then it showed the full amount when my order was completed. I need to make sure its in 4 payments please"

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  • Vova Com

    Vova Com

    2.3 (156 reviews)
    • E-commerce
    • www.vova.com

    "Ordered and received items. Wrong sizes very poor quality. Tried to return no success. KEEP AWAY FROM THIS SITE"

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  • ModernBeyond


    1.5 (256 reviews)
    • E-commerce
    • modernbeyond.com

    "Worst company ever. They shipped an inferior product and will not respond. Thieves. Horrible beyond belief. Vvv:.................... . . . ......."

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  • Sweepstakes Clearinghouse

    Sweepstakes Clearinghouse

    2.9 (115 reviews)
    • E-commerce
    • www.sweepstakesclearinghouse.com

    "Once again I was wondering If you've still to do the (different) vouchers such as washer/dryer, pots/pans ,laptop/computers &;;;;;; so on & tove do have a 'Washer/dryer' that I've used the vouchers..."

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