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  • MiniinTheBox


    1.6 (333 reviews)
    • E-commerce
    • www.miniinthebox.com

    "My tracking number, because I didn't received my order.they say I didn't pay my tax ,I didn't receive any email of tax."

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  • Jacquie Lawson

    Jacquie Lawson

    2.7 (276 reviews)
    • E-commerce
    • www.jacquielawson.com

    "Member for several years.
    Cindy K. As of Sunday 9/4/22 selected cards for review will not load for viewing on my PC. Request times out, message; We cannot load close and try again. My adobe acrobat is current, issue on your end?

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  • 2gud


    1.6 (300 reviews)
    • E-commerce
    • www.2gud.com

    "I am not receiving order items something other items please take back and which order I have ordered black burry keypad mobile but your parcel received different items please take back and either give back money or send which I..."

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  • Vova Com

    Vova Com

    2.2 (260 reviews)
    • E-commerce
    • www.vova.com

    "Not work in 5 seconds. Burns eye. Eye start watering. And now jar turned green mold. No reason Just turned green spots"

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  • Idea Village

    Idea Village

    1.9 (255 reviews)
    • E-commerce
    • www.ideavillage.com

    "This does not work it does not even cut one hare anyplace. This is a rip-offno way and you are taking money for a piece of trash that does not work.DP NOT BUY!!!"

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  • Mydeal Australia

    Mydeal Australia

    1.7 (263 reviews)
    • E-commerce
    • www.mydeal.com.au

    "If I could give a minus rating I wouldAngry.
    This company would have to be the worst I have ever experienced in my 20 years of online buying!
    Due to a computer glitch, I accidentally made a duplicate purchase ($350) and I was told..."

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  • Noon


    1.9 (238 reviews)
    • E-commerce
    • www.noon.com

    "The delivery scheduled sept 28 to October 1.when i follow up in the morning they said not yet out but expect for today delivery when i call again the same reason but when i call i almost 7pm they no chance for deliver its maybe..."

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  • DailySteals


    1.5 (264 reviews)
    • E-commerce
    • www.dailysteals.com

    "Everydayedeals Diamond Painting - Full Drill - Skeleton
    Style: 1
    Drill Shape: Round
    Size: 50*60cm
    This order that i just received not ling ago is missing diamonds the one it is missing is Ecru which is the white dianonds or beads if y..."

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  • QuiBids


    1.7 (142 reviews)
    • E-commerce
    • www.quibids.com

    "I need my refund back for my money that was taken in my cash app I wasnt informed on the payment part"

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  • Scentsy


    2.1 (257 reviews)
    • E-commerce
    • scentsy.net

    "Package got lost ??? Could you please provide me with when I should expect my package. I have called to report it and still nothing"

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