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  • Twinkledeals


    1.8 (498 reviews)
    • E-commerce

    "item ordered summer 2019, it's now March 2020 and still no delivery
    I have tried several times to contact this company but they fail to return my inquiries
    Order 1080 proof can be provided"

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  • Fingerhut


    2.2 (332 reviews)
    • E-commerce

    "They sell client information social security numbers date of births income names addresses phone numbers. The stuff you have to put on your application. Also they inaccurately report to credit bureaus making your score plumit..."

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  • Argos


    2.2 (445 reviews)
    • E-commerce

    "Bad, dissatisfaction, sad, disappointed, dissatisfaction. They have no courtesy to reply my questions"

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  • Jacquie Lawson

    Jacquie Lawson

    2.8 (385 reviews)
    • E-commerce

    "My mother, who is 87 years old, wants to personally talk to a customer service representative. She used this ecard company many years ago (not in the last 8 years) and gets billed every two years for a service that hasn't been..."

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  • MobStub


    2.0 (420 reviews)
    • E-commerce

    "Yesterday I received my 6 pair fleeced leggings. There are no washing instructions. Do you put them in dryer to dry or air dry. Thank you JoAnn Adams"

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  • Alibaba Group

    Alibaba Group

    1.6 (342 reviews)
    • E-commerce

    "Noor mohmmad
    My order is the Ceylonese bet I'm peanut in the Ali baba and Wish this way is resin my order cause"

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  • As Seen On TV

    As Seen On TV

    1.5 (281 reviews)
    • E-commerce

    "Not advertise how easy it is to get the replacement pads when u need them and any other replacement parts at all times..then after alot of $ send out a junk product
    and disconnect ur number so no one can even contact u!!!"

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  • Best Choice Products

    Best Choice Products

    1.9 (535 reviews)
    • E-commerce

    "I can't get any help from them. Someone hacked my account and use my debit card at some company called and they wanted me to pay to get some technical help. They won't answer the telephones. They will not stop..."

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  • MiniinTheBox


    1.6 (361 reviews)
    • E-commerce

    "Would like to know if the ladies flat toe shoes come in size 10. Would like to order please help. Dont have your direct telephone number"

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  • JioMart


    1.4 (318 reviews)
    • E-commerce

    "I booked on 21/05/2024.. till today product is not delivered when ever i call the team They will give all false updated even after escalating the issue it is not resolved i even know there names Ms. Saru , Ms. Shwetha Jha and Mr...."

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