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  • Columbia Dental

    Columbia Dental

    1.9 (16 reviews)
    • Dentistry
    • www.columbiadental.com

    "I called at 9:30 they told me to come right in, arrived at 9:45 and was told that it would be a 45 minute wait and to wait in my care for a call
    1.5 hours later I called and got no answer, went in to check.
    Receptionist and man at d..."

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  • Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry

    Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry

    2.2 (15 reviews)
    • Dentistry
    • www.cancuncosmeticdentistry.com

    "When you bring to their attention all of the bad reviews...you will get the extreme condescending answer from Dr Arzate.... "it's the internet. Coward people that hide behind the screen to make problems for me" NEVER their fault...."

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  • Vivid White Smiles

    Vivid White Smiles

    • Dentistry
    • www.vividwhitesmiles.com

    "I bought vivid white smile for a couple of pounds on a trial offer..when trying to cancel it i could not find a phone number for it and ended up being charged full price...Had to cancel my bank card and contact my bank to ensure..."

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  • Rio Dental

    Rio Dental

    3.7 (3 reviews)
    • Dentistry
    • www.riodental.com

    "I was also told that Dr. Jessica Nitarty was no longer working and that Brio was now the old Rio. Not! Just got back from having two back teeth pulled and no implants put in. Told to wait 4 months or so. Now I will contact the..."

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  • Gentle Dental

    Gentle Dental

    1.2 (7 reviews)
    • Dentistry
    • www.gentledental.com

    "??? About my bill calling the Gentle Dental office in Las Vegas dealing with them doesnt get me anywhere I am if you can give me a call back at 702-816-**** I have two insurances and trying to figure out why Im still getting a..."

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  • Royal Dental

    Royal Dental

    1.0 (6 reviews)
    • Dentistry
    • www.royaldentalusa.com

    " I have been going to this location for over 6 years with my daughter and the past year I have noticed a drastic change in the staff as well as the doctors. An this change has not been good at all. The last visit that I had the..."

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  • Stetic Implant Dental

    Stetic Implant Dental

    1.8 (4 reviews)
    • Dentistry
    • www.steticidc.com

    Manny and Dr. CooK are being investigated for malpractice and fraud. They have lost their license to practice dentistry in the past and only got it back by bribing officials. They are currently under inve..."

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  • Shore View Dental of Pacifica

    Shore View Dental of Pacifica

    1.0 (14 reviews)
    • Dentistry
    • www.shoreviewdental.net

    "Dr. AHANI exposing ALL of US to DANGEROUS Corona 19 VIRUS by keeping his FILTHY Dental Offices OPEN during Gov Newsome's Lockdown orders. Before, he also via his dirty *** POOR dental office hygiene left my mouth via his teeth..."

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  • Ocean Dental

    Ocean Dental

    1.8 (7 reviews)
    • Dentistry
    • www.oceandental.net

    "Office staff is nice but they seem ill equipped to be working on adults. When I came in, they started the visit with 16 X-rays! There was no scraping at all completed during the “cleaning”. She never once stuck a mirror or a scale..."

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  • Meharry Dentistry

    Meharry Dentistry

    1.8 (5 reviews)
    • Dentistry
    • www.mmc.edu

    "I am proud to say that I have been going to Meharry Dental Clinic for the past 4 years and I give all the Student Dentist and their very knowledgeable and excellent Professors, Teachers and Experienced Dentist an A+. These are..."

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