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  • Aspen Dental

    Aspen Dental

    1.7 (2,171 reviews)
    • Dentistry
    • www.aspendental.com

    "This place is a money-centered business, not a patient service oriented business.
    I have been there several times to finish a treatment. I have found that their prices are arbitrary---they change them at any time, even after they h..."

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  • Affordable Dentures

    Affordable Dentures

    2.0 (362 reviews)
    • Dentistry
    • www.affordabledentures.com

    "I had pre paid several months ago for ultra fit top and lower dentures and lower 6 teeth extractions at the rockingham affordable dentures office. required to pre pay whole amount. so thousands of dollars spent and my nightmare..."

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  • Western Dental

    Western Dental

    1.5 (250 reviews)
    • Dentistry
    • www.westerndental.com

    "the person that handles billing told me that they could not do my work on credit and i must pay before the could continue with the process after i was being examined. she told me that they did not do dental work on credit, she is..."

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  • Clear Choice

    Clear Choice

    2.0 (233 reviews)
    • Dentistry
    • www.clearchoice.com

    "Hi I had my upper and lower at clear choice west Covina it's been a nightmare first the took my blood pressure with wrong sized cuff and told me I had hypertension and see doctor before surgery mind this is after I paid 36000 so..."

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  • Monarch Dental

    Monarch Dental

    1.6 (98 reviews)
    • Dentistry
    • www.monarchdental.com

    "Now that i am irritated enough to look for a corporate office # in which to complain to i am being guided to your reviews, and now i completely UNDERSTAND why you have a star rating here that reflects 1.6 out of a possible FIVE..."

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  • Great Expressions Dental Centers

    Great Expressions Dental Centers

    1.7 (231 reviews)
    • Dentistry
    • www.greatexpressions.com

    "I had appointment on Nov. 04 2021 @ 220 Pm and had the appointment card to verify the appointment and was told that I didn't have one today. Very poor customer service"

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  • Greenberg Dental And Orthodontics

    Greenberg Dental And Orthodontics

    1.6 (163 reviews)
    • Dentistry
    • www.greenbergdental.com

    "Very unprofessional place. There is always a whole crew at the front desk but most of them prefere to ignore customers . Very hard to get a hold of them by phone. Been calling for a week to cancel and reschedule an appointment and..."

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  • Instasmile


    1.8 (184 reviews)
    • Dentistry
    • www.instasmile.com

    "It's been over 6 months and I haven't received my veneers yet I called them but the phone keep saying that the phone number was know longer in service and I haven't heard from them yet I need my veneers or my money back. Sarah..."

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  • Snap On Smile

    Snap On Smile

    1.6 (112 reviews)
    • Dentistry
    • www.snaponsmile.com

    "It is not fitting at all. I followed the instructions correctly but it is coming out when i put it on. I am not happy at all. I feel i have been cheated. I paid Rs.1299 for this. Received today on COD."

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  • Coast Dental

    Coast Dental

    1.6 (107 reviews)
    • Dentistry
    • www.coastdental.com

    "Coast dental charged me and my insurance in Oct 2021. Got the lies and run around about emails and Corp.
    Did file with BBB. Coast dental only replies to make themselves look like they are taking care of it. 13 months later and stil..."

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