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  • Porsche Cars North America

    Porsche Cars North America

    1.7 (36 reviews)
    • Dealers
    • www.porsche.com

    "i purchased a lease car, and they did not release my title for over a month, every time new story, the worst customer service."

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  • Keith Pierson Toyota

    Keith Pierson Toyota

    2.1 (22 reviews)
    • Dealers
    • www.keithpiersontoyota.com

    "Trying to buy a new Tundra. Went to Keith Pearson today and they marked a 53,000 dollar truck up 30,000 dollars. I couldn't believe it. We have been to other dealerships and although the deals aren't as good nobody but Pearson..."

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  • American Truck Group

    American Truck Group

    1.4 (34 reviews)
    • Dealers
    • americantruckgroup.com

    "shipping still waiting, after 7 days,do not buy tracking # not working, called them and they said they will get it fixed."

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  • EFG Companies

    EFG Companies

    1.5 (38 reviews)
    • Dealers
    • www.efgcompanies.com

    "EFG refused to pay for an AC part or labor though my extended warranty. How does an extended warranty that cost $2500 not cover an AC part??? Complete scam of a warranty."

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  • Simmons Rockwell

    Simmons Rockwell

    2.1 (25 reviews)
    • Dealers
    • www.simmons-rockwell.com

    "Had Jeff Smith for a salesman an can't find him. He's always texting on his phone an hides in Simmons cars on Simmons time to talk to his girlfriend. I've seen him hiding an watched him one day he was in the car talking on his..."

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  • Ole Ben Franklin Motors

    Ole Ben Franklin Motors

    2.1 (40 reviews)
    • Dealers
    • www.olebenfranklinmotors.com

    "I was sold a car for $3000..a 2000 Subaru by jack scarbrough and 2 days later the check engine light comes on less than 3 months later the motor is completely screwed. I don't understand why you let shady drug addicts work for..."

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  • Truecar


    1.4 (27 reviews)
    • Dealers
    • www.truecar.com

    "Car will be 1k more than stated and they will not deliver it to you. The dealers have no idea about your quote from True car and do not care."

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  • Lustine Toyota

    Lustine Toyota

    1.9 (20 reviews)
    • Dealers
    • www.lustinetoyota.com

    "I came back again to give them 1 star. If 0 star was there, I could prefer to provide them with that. Lustine Toyota is a place that you will get disappointed in all aspect of their service. First, I got insulted by the Spanish ac..."

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  • 4 Front Car Sales

    4 Front Car Sales

    2.0 (12 reviews)
    • Dealers
    • www.4frontcarsales.co.uk

    "Was sold a diesel vehicle without a DPF even though it’s the law for them to insalled"

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  • Low Book Sales

    Low Book Sales

    1.6 (18 reviews)
    • Dealers
    • www.lowbooksales.com

    "They treated me like criminals by put alarming in the car I bought from them. They did not get me my car's registration on time. My car's temporary license plate expired on 1/30/2021, and I did not get the plate until now. I just..."

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