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  • Breakstones


    2.2 (336 reviews)
    • Dairy Foods
    • www.breakstones.com

    "I had bought five cottage cheese doubles yesterday because I love them and were bought at Walmart but upon opening two so far the cottage cheese is so watery. Why is that. I have doubts that I will buy again
    Linfa McElroy
    223 Wren C..."

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  • United Dairy Farmers

    United Dairy Farmers

    2.6 (88 reviews)
    • Dairy Foods
    • www.udfinc.com

    "If I could give less than zero I most certainly would. On 4/6/21 a delivery driver for United Diary, came to the store for a standard delivery and pick up, he proceeded to unload the truck and began using vulgar language towards..."

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  • Knudsen


    2.2 (44 reviews)
    • Dairy Foods
    • www.knudsen.com

    "Lumpy and smelly cottage cheese. We have purchased your products for many years. What is the problem , we have had 3- cartons turn up smelling &;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; lumpy.
    Not acceptable. You owe me $$$$$$"

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  • Dreyers


    3.2 (12 reviews)
    • Dairy Foods
    • www.dreyers.com

    "Bought some churn ice cream from hyvee. That evening when i fixed me a bowl of it, i felt something hard in my mouth. Took it out to see what it was and it was pieces of a tooth. It wasnt mine cause I have dentures. I have not..."

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  • Marva Maid Dairy

    Marva Maid Dairy

    3.0 (4 reviews)
    • Dairy Foods
    • marvamaid.com

    "Never had an issue. I also drink my milk before or on the expiration date. Good stuff. Local. "

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  • Cold Stone Creamery

    Cold Stone Creamery

    2.8 (7 reviews)
    • Dairy Foods
    • www.coldstonecreamery.com

    "I was asked if I was a first responder, maybe because I was in scrubs? I said yes, a Doctor. The employee laughed and said, I need to see your license. So I was asked a question and called a liar in one sentence, just trying to..."

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  • Countryside Creamery

    Countryside Creamery

    3.3 (11 reviews)
    • Dairy Foods

    "I purchased quite a lot of your so called "creamery buttering sale at Aldi, and let me tell you there is nothing creamery about it !!! In fact, whatever this is won't even melt or soften unless you put it in the microwave !!! Real..."

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  • NuLuxe Cream

    NuLuxe Cream

    1.4 (11 reviews)
    • Dairy Foods
    • nuluxecream.com

    "IDoes nothing to my eyes waste of my money. Please cancel.I want the correct phone number for your company. My name is Melanie Baker my email melannbaker19@***.com. my phone is 713-298-**** my address is 20714 Footstep Path Katy..."

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  • Turkey Hill Dairy

    Turkey Hill Dairy

    3.7 (3 reviews)
    • Dairy Foods
    • www.turkeyhill.com

    "I have been a costmer of Turkey Hill in Somerset Pa for a number of years. I realize your manager is new to the store. That however does not give her licence to treat people as she does.
    I know that in our current enviorment just g..."

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  • Oberweis Dairy

    Oberweis Dairy

    2.5 (3 reviews)
    • Dairy Foods
    • www.oberweis.com

    "I pocket up two quarts of chocolate marshmallow ice cream from the Glen Ellen location. Neither quart had ANY marshmallow. I complained by phone and was told that since I didnt have a receipt there was nothing they could do. I sen..."

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