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  • Paybis


    2.2 (7 reviews)
    • Cryptocurrency Services
    • paybis.com

    "I had the best advice as how to handle my problems. It was clear and precise
    I will continue to use this."

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  • CoinZoom


    4.5 (4 reviews)
    • Cryptocurrency Services
    • coinzoom.com

    "It won't let me sign in,I tried changing my password because I forgot what it was and plus do I need to have 2FA because Im not a computer whiz I just want it to be easy for me"

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  • eToro


    2.1 (3 reviews)
    • Cryptocurrency Services
    • etoro.com

    "Etoro resent verification code with 15 min of waiting time frame. This is out standing new technology when everything must be send and receive immediately in couple seconds"

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  • Blockchain Com

    Blockchain Com

    1.0 (4 reviews)
    • Cryptocurrency Services
    • www.blockchain.com

    "I had trouble adding money to my Blockchain wallet, but was able to add some to the Exchange. When I wanted to take action with that money, it requires me to set up 2 factor authentication (even though I already have it to log in..."

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  • Yobit


    1.0 (2 reviews)
    • Cryptocurrency Services
    • www.yobit.io

    "Dear support I had my 2million kin tokens in yobit exchange.i try to search for kin not available on yobit... godieassy@***.com"

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  • VenusFX


    1.0 (3 reviews)
    • Cryptocurrency Services
    • venusfx.co

    "#ScammedButNotDefeated! My experience with a scammer left me feeling hopeless, until I found BROAD/OAK-CAP ITåL. C0M. They listened to my story, got all the details, and managed to help me get my money back! Thanks to their commit..."

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  • Ledger


    1.3 (2 reviews)
    • Cryptocurrency Services
    • ledger.com

    "I was doing a simple c phase check on ledger live.com or a website that resembles the company it ask me to put my 24 word c phase in the following boxes. I did as follow, out the 24 word c phase three of them came back as..."

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  • Coinbase Pro

    Coinbase Pro

    2.0 (2 reviews)
    • Cryptocurrency Services
    • pro.coinbase.com

    "I tried to move my crypto from coinbase to my nano s +. I attempted to do this on my laptop. Since I used my phone to set up and execute my buys, coinbase didn't recognize my laptop and locked me out of my account and gave me a..."

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  • Kraken Bitcoin Exchange

    Kraken Bitcoin Exchange

    3.9 (2 reviews)
    • Cryptocurrency Services
    • www.kraken.com

    "I would give them ZERO stars if I could! After going through all the trouble of verifying my account and wiring money to them, I was told: "Unfortunately, we must inform you that we will be closing your Kraken account. For securit..."

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  • CoinSmart


    1.9 (2 reviews)
    • Cryptocurrency Services
    • coinsmart.com

    "How much money do I need to activate a coinsmart account.
    How much money do I need to have in a coinsmart account to receive a large deposit like 100,000 dollars.
    Do I have to have 2000 dollars in my coinsmart account to receive a 1..."

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