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  • Hotbit


    2.3 (17 reviews)
    • Cryptocurrency Services
    • www.hotbit.io

    "I have no record of any withdrawal and deposit and I have lost my 2fa verification code and submit AR request to customer service"

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  • Paxful


    1.3 (15 reviews)
    • Cryptocurrency Services
    • paxful.com

    "My account got locked and I dont know the reason why and I want to unlock it they said I neeed to contact the the Paxful contact support so get back to me as fast as possible ok plz"

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  • Binance UK

    Binance UK

    2.1 (20 reviews)
    • Cryptocurrency Services
    • www.binance.co.uk

    so far I have not heard anything in response to the request I sent to Binance.
    Can not tell me where the wallets have gone."

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  • Uphold


    1.5 (21 reviews)
    • Cryptocurrency Services
    • uphold.com

    "I lost contact with receptionist so contact me my whatsapp number is 942817****, please contact me fast"

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  • Kraken


    2.8 (14 reviews)
    • Cryptocurrency Services
    • kr-aken.xyz

    "Authentic and Ive found the contribution and support invaluable and the ability to listen and provide solutions was excellent."

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  • Coin Cloud

    Coin Cloud

    2.0 (13 reviews)
    • Cryptocurrency Services
    • www.coin.cloud

    "I gave a person information about me sending money on my account with u can they check it out or not. I do not want you to give them any information on it please they might use my cell phone number"

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  • Bittrex


    1.5 (10 reviews)
    • Cryptocurrency Services
    • global.bittrex.com

    "I was unable to withdraw usd and crytos from your exchange. This is thef and not A regular exchange."

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  • CEX


    3.0 (14 reviews)
    • Cryptocurrency Services
    • cex.io

    "I use this platform for quite long time. Had no issues before, in case i have some, I contact the support team via the phone but for now I can not reach them via the phone, but email. What has happend with the phone line as it tak..."

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  • Latoken


    2.5 (5 reviews)
    • Cryptocurrency Services
    • latoken.com

    "I have purchase red panda coin is missing in wallet. It shows 0.1 bal. Please check advice do the need full"

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  • Koinbazar


    1.3 (3 reviews)
    • Cryptocurrency Services
    • www.koinbazar.com

    "I have accidentally deleted the TFA application from my phone and now I need to login to my account so please help me out"

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