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Cryptocurrency Services
  • Binance


    2.3 (1,142 reviews)
    • Cryptocurrency Services
    • www.binance.com

    "This lady named Rebecca Brown said that if my husband deposit 200.00 dollars she will sent him the profit it never happened. She asked him for 4,000 more.She is playing games with him every time is a different story and he hasn't..."

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  • Crypto Com

    Crypto Com

    1.7 (1,000 reviews)
    • Cryptocurrency Services
    • crypto.com

    "My name is Dana Claudia and my crypto card is blocked even if it is within the validity period, why?"

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  • Coinbase


    1.9 (514 reviews)
    • Cryptocurrency Services
    • www.coinbase.com

    "All i want to is tonot soNot be able to change my phone number, Then i have to go thru there *** ID verification , So far to date i have done it 10 times and i have i been able to change the number that would be a big fat *** NO.

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  • GramFree


    3.0 (277 reviews)
    • Cryptocurrency Services
    • gramfree.cc

    "My name is ikira Abbas from Nigeria i what is withdrawal 3 years pending today and the other day pending my $/%%"

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  • Coinme


    1.7 (272 reviews)
    • Cryptocurrency Services
    • coinme.com

    "My account was locked and i have over $200 in bitcoin in that account so i submitted a reimbursement form as required and it was ignored and coin me owes me my bitcoin so reimburse me immediately. Check my account to confirm my..."

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  • OKX


    2.5 (109 reviews)
    • Cryptocurrency Services
    • www.okx.com

    "Ich habe eine Frage:
    Es wurde Geld von einem Girokonto auf OKX überwiesen. Das Geld war schnell auf OKX drauf. Aber:
    Es heißt dass das Geld für 10 Tage geblockt ist.
    Hat das seine richtigkeit?
    Vielen Dank für ihre Hilfe"

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  • Wirex


    1.7 (115 reviews)
    • Cryptocurrency Services
    • wirexapp.com

    "I didn't finish verifying my account properly and end up submitting it by accident and it's almost months now. My wirex account keep saying verification in progress."

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  • CoinMarketCap


    1.6 (48 reviews)
    • Cryptocurrency Services
    • coinmarketcap.com

    "Honestly speaking beware of this company a sham in disguise. Unfortunately I fell victim to this companys deceptive practices and I urge everyone to be cautious and steer clear. They presented a facade of legitimacy guiding me..."

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  • Paxful


    2.0 (28 reviews)
    • Cryptocurrency Services
    • paxful.com

    "Paxful wallet has been frozen i want you to help me to on unfrozen it please help me to on unfrozen it please Cry"

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  • Binance US

    Binance US

    1.5 (132 reviews)
    • Cryptocurrency Services
    • www.binance.us

    "My complain is about non receiving of USDT. I have deposited 15000 Pkr on 03/03/2024. Still i have not received USDT."

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