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  • Binance


    2.2 (916 reviews)
    • Cryptocurrency Services
    • www.binance.com

    "They want me to pay a gap fee to get my money. When I reverse phone checked it, the number that contacted me was sketchy. I dont understand why we owe any more money when you have 1.2 million of MY MONEY! You have my money, so..."

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  • Crypto Com

    Crypto Com

    1.7 (393 reviews)
    • Cryptocurrency Services
    • crypto.com

    "I just submitted a complaint about a wire transfer from ML/BOA to Metropolitan Commercial Bank that did not appear,
    My transfer confirmation number is 0320B6B7HU3R006678
    My contact info
    cell 617 901 ****
    email v.harris@***.edu"

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  • Coinbase


    1.8 (233 reviews)
    • Cryptocurrency Services
    • www.coinbase.com

    "Cant get a hold of you to see about my sisters account thats passed away recently. I know she had an account with Coinbase, but cannot access her computer to get the right password or whatever it takes to get into her account."

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  • Binance US

    Binance US

    1.5 (126 reviews)
    • Cryptocurrency Services
    • www.binance.us

    "Hi. I have problem. Im trying to reacive token USDT erc20 but I can't find in my waste. What can I do?"

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  • Coinme


    1.7 (71 reviews)
    • Cryptocurrency Services
    • coinme.com

    "Sucks they keeping me from my bitcoin I bought and want open my account to get rhem I want what I paid for plain and simple"

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  • OKX


    2.2 (28 reviews)
    • Cryptocurrency Services
    • www.okx.com

    "Log in issues happened to log in my account .I want to open my okx account.please help me to open my okx account.i open my account but it not open .i try too many times but its not open.my number is correct.my password is correct..."

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  • KuCoin


    1.9 (40 reviews)
    • Cryptocurrency Services
    • www.kucoin.com

    "I have purchased ROSN coin recently from the main market. But now its not available in my asset. Kindly ask what is the issue with coin if this is delisted from the market then please give me my balance (USDT against him . Thanks"

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  • Wirex


    1.9 (27 reviews)
    • Cryptocurrency Services
    • wirexapp.com

    "On the 10/02/23 after watching a man named Martin who is often on ITVwho had stated that he had Madonna a lot of money from Currencouns.
    A few hours later I
    I was contact by phone from a man named Marc Spector who works for currentc..."

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  • Binance UK

    Binance UK

    2.1 (20 reviews)
    • Cryptocurrency Services
    • www.binance.co.uk

    so far I have not heard anything in response to the request I sent to Binance.
    Can not tell me where the wallets have gone."

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  • Paxful


    1.3 (12 reviews)
    • Cryptocurrency Services
    • paxful.com

    "My Bitcoin has been on mentainace since march 21 and it hasnt change to online yetwhat exactly is going on now"

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