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  • Carnival Cruise Line

    Carnival Cruise Line

    2.3 (391 reviews)
    • Cruises and Ships
    • www.carnival.com

    "To talk to someone about a trip I just took on the Valor and was not happy with a situation that should not have happened."

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  • Royal Caribbean

    Royal Caribbean

    2.2 (223 reviews)
    • Cruises and Ships
    • www.royalcaribbean.com

    "I used a chase credit card by mistake,instead of my royal Caribbean visa credit card. How do I fix that?"

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  • Norwegian Cruise Line

    Norwegian Cruise Line

    2.0 (213 reviews)
    • Cruises and Ships
    • www.ncl.com

    "I have purchased cruise next vouchers and could not use them because of Covid. I paid $250 and got a $250 voucher for free. Now they have BOTH and will not let me use either of them at all!!! I have been passed around to many..."

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  • Viking Cruises

    Viking Cruises

    2.5 (185 reviews)
    • Cruises and Ships
    • www.vikingcruises.com

    "We returned 11/1/22 from Vikings Frances Finest tour. What a complete disappointment and eye-opening experience of Vikings lack of caring or customer service.
    Having previously been on 3 other Viking cruises we never expected the l..."

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  • Holland America Line

    Holland America Line

    2.5 (115 reviews)
    • Cruises and Ships
    • www.hollandamerica.com

    "Please email us our final statement from booking no.XW6V7M sailed on Nov. 10th to Nov. 20th. on the Rotterdam. Thank you."

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  • Princess Cruises

    Princess Cruises

    2.2 (125 reviews)
    • Cruises and Ships
    • www.princess.com

    "I am waiting on a refund that was given back to Princess from an unused leg of a flight home. The trip was fantastic but since getting off the boat in Anchorage it has been a disaster. Customer service has been zero help! You..."

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  • Cruisemiles


    1.7 (7 reviews)
    • Cruises and Ships
    • www.cruisemiles.com

    "Richard Moseley
    Richard Roth
    Richard Rothschild
    Richard Lester
    How many more names does he use?"

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  • Celebrity Cruises

    Celebrity Cruises

    1.8 (63 reviews)
    • Cruises and Ships
    • www.celebritycruises.com

    "I bought Ring from Celebrity APEX from 17/10-29/10, the Ring was small my finger also the Diamond is Round and Ring is oval . The shop cant resize , i need refund this Ring , I already contacted my bank to dispute my payment, I..."

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  • Msc Cruises

    Msc Cruises

    2.0 (45 reviews)
    • Cruises and Ships
    • www.msccruises.com

    "Due to an itinerary change from a contract of 12 days they changed to 9 days without a rwasonable compensation.
    I requested to keep the 12 days and accep the different port but I have no answer.
    I got notice of this from the Msc app..."

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  • Voyages By Rtx

    Voyages By Rtx

    1.8 (47 reviews)
    • Cruises and Ships
    • www.rtxvoyages.com

    "I was promised access to tons of resorts and hotels at deep discounts. Totally not true. The list i was shown was fake. I was convinced to surrender my timeshare in FL to gain a discount on the membership and that I would receive..."

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