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  • JOANN Fabric

    JOANN Fabric

    2.1 (780 reviews)
    • Craft Supplies and Tools
    • www.joann.com

    "changing the use of the digital coupons ( the ones on the phone).
    We should be able to use them until they expire. It's on MY phone, not YOUR flyer on printed out!
    Stupid idea, whoever came up with it!"

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  • Hobby Lobby

    Hobby Lobby

    2.2 (335 reviews)
    • Craft Supplies and Tools
    • www.hobbylobby.com

    "I was checking on my shipping order and it said I had no orders at all..my bank account says I paid for the order but website says it can't find any orderdod"

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  • Michaels


    2.1 (441 reviews)
    • Craft Supplies and Tools
    • www.michaels.com

    "I had voucher and happens to b that they remove them n my reward app don't work I had 3 voucher of $5.00."

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  • Southern Style Design Bar

    Southern Style Design Bar

    1.4 (122 reviews)
    • Craft Supplies and Tools
    • southernstyledesignbar.com

    "Ordered multiple sheets of vinyl- paid for them and nothing ever was shipped/delivered to me - still waiting 4 years!!! I emailed them , tried to call them but was no return response! They are a bogus, money stealing company(or pe..."

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  • Singer


    1.7 (37 reviews)
    • Craft Supplies and Tools
    • www.singer.com

    "Stitching display is not working,
    machine is on but can't stitch.
    Stitching displayed number is not right.
    Cant change any patchwork"

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  • Lion Brand Yarns

    Lion Brand Yarns

    3.1 (39 reviews)
    • Craft Supplies and Tools
    • www.lionbrand.com

    "I had some issues in a burnley of yarn and wrote to lionbrand and they were so helpful. It didn't take them long to get back to me or resolve the issue. The 2 very first things I've crocheted using this brand of yarn"

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  • Easy Whim

    Easy Whim

    2.0 (43 reviews)
    • Craft Supplies and Tools
    • easywhim.com

    "I was charged $47.00 and never received anything. No money back or product. Just all of a sudden I can not get ahold of anyone to answer my questions."

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  • Home Craftology

    Home Craftology

    1.8 (33 reviews)
    • Craft Supplies and Tools
    • homecraftology.com

    "Need for my canvas A20005****
    9(415) drills.I need at least 2 packets according to the directions.Please contact me on resolving this issue."

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  • Qualtry


    1.7 (18 reviews)
    • Craft Supplies and Tools
    • www.qualtry.com

    "I have been trying to order to cutting boards but no one can help me even tho their sight gives me two different prices (price goes up significantly at checkout). One person finally responded to my email requests for help but she..."

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  • The Stitchery

    The Stitchery

    1.8 (19 reviews)
    • Craft Supplies and Tools
    • www.thestitchery.com

    "Kept getting order confirmation for someone else. My order didn't show. All resolved. I've never had problems before with this company. Always received excellent service."

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