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  • JOANN Fabric

    JOANN Fabric

    2.2 (690 reviews)
    • Craft Supplies and Tools
    • www.joann.com

    "Don't do any online orders with joann fabrics they over charge you. I made a online order over 3 weeks ago they over charged me 47.68 dollars they tell me if some kind of deposit"

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  • Hobby Lobby

    Hobby Lobby

    2.4 (287 reviews)
    • Craft Supplies and Tools
    • www.hobbylobby.com

    "Lost card lost card please issue me another card within 7 to 10 business days Rose minor Hobby Lobby Visa card"

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  • Michaels


    2.1 (376 reviews)
    • Craft Supplies and Tools
    • www.michaels.com

    "meu marido foi tratado muito mal pelo gerente da Michaels 7635N MacArthur BLVD Irving. Ele comprou um Cricut pára trabalhar não é compatível com o programa que ele tem no computador e por isso ele precisou devolvê-lo, mas uma..."

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  • Southern Style Design Bar

    Southern Style Design Bar

    1.5 (122 reviews)
    • Craft Supplies and Tools
    • southernstyledesignbar.com

    "I placed two orders for vinyl last year- 2018 and the money was debited from my bank account but I have not received my products. I have sent multiple emails and called but no response from the emails and the no answer to the..."

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  • Singer


    1.7 (34 reviews)
    • Craft Supplies and Tools
    • www.singer.com

    "I give you the details about fan, it is singer company fan and it gives very badly sound, it gives the sound from the first month, but i also tried to complaint before, however that time was the lockdown everywhere, so plz cll me..."

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  • Home Craftology

    Home Craftology

    1.7 (31 reviews)
    • Craft Supplies and Tools
    • homecraftology.com

    "I have emailed Homecraftology 3 times regarding drills that either werent included or there were not enough included in the shipment."

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  • Lion Brand Yarns

    Lion Brand Yarns

    3.1 (28 reviews)
    • Craft Supplies and Tools
    • www.lionbrand.com

    "I have sent emails directly to the customer support email for atleast 5 days now. Often even in the past it will say it was queued. But three or four of them have said do not reply to this message it was received and I never have..."

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  • Easy Whim

    Easy Whim

    1.9 (22 reviews)
    • Craft Supplies and Tools
    • easywhim.com

    "Working on a large Christmas painting, using the correctly labeled diamonds on the Christmas tree and I guess these idiots think the Christmas Tree is supposed to be predominantly black ? It should be green, the picture shows..."

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  • The Stitchery

    The Stitchery

    1.9 (15 reviews)
    • Craft Supplies and Tools
    • www.thestitchery.com

    "I ordered an embroidery kit only to find that it was missing floss. I contacted them several times, both by email and phone. They always promised to send the missing floss with 7-10 days, but it never showed up. Its not DMC floss..."

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  • Aaron Brothers

    Aaron Brothers

    2.5 (11 reviews)
    • Craft Supplies and Tools
    • www.aaronbrothers.com

    "I have had several pieces framed at the Michael's Store (#1234) in Alameda, CA. I have not experienced an issue until May 8th - Order #21876 and the 30th - Order #22022. On the 8th, I dealt with a surly framer (who had been..."

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