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Cosmetics and Personal Care
  • BoxyCharm


    2.2 (2,277 reviews)
    • Cosmetics and Personal Care
    • www.boxycharm.com

    "I never received my box one or two. I was charged for it, and I am continually getting charged after I've canceled"

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  • It Works

    It Works

    1.7 (1,322 reviews)
    • Cosmetics and Personal Care
    • www.itworks.com

    "No answer, I've cancelled my subscription twice and I'm still being charged. I just want the money back into my account, and to stop being charged. I have since moved from the last time I canceled so I dont have any product."

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  • Ipsy


    1.9 (1,133 reviews)
    • Cosmetics and Personal Care
    • www.ipsy.com

    "I cannot remember email address I set this account up with. So therefore I cant get in to change address or anything"

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  • Wen


    2.1 (365 reviews)
    • Cosmetics and Personal Care
    • www.wen.com

    "Gave me the worst acne of my life. I felt and looked like a monster. I liked it as a hair product but not worth it at all"

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  • Keranique


    1.5 (525 reviews)
    • Cosmetics and Personal Care
    • keranique.com

    "I called and cancelled any and all
    future payments from keratin on July 06, 2021,however, this even when I looked at my statement, I noticed a pending charge from keratin in the amount of $59.00 that I did not authorize. Please put..."

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  • Meaningful Beauty

    Meaningful Beauty

    1.8 (447 reviews)
    • Cosmetics and Personal Care
    • www.meaningfulbeauty.com

    "This company sends statements, showing payment past due when packages are not being sent. I have had to contact my bank and even get specific dates on when MB is canceling my checks. I ended up canceling and just recently got..."

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  • Stemologica


    1.3 (413 reviews)
    • Cosmetics and Personal Care
    • www.stemologica.com

    "ordered said cream .like so many others,and was under the impression that the £3.95 was for samples . Then if you liked the product,you could send for the full sized creams.As i got the goods in November 2015 i waited a month as..."

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  • Veer Cosmetics

    Veer Cosmetics

    2.3 (591 reviews)
    • Cosmetics and Personal Care
    • cosmeticsbyv.com

    "I ordered the product on August 17th, I still havent been contacted. I have had to purchase another product because this one didnt arrive."

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  • Luminess Air

    Luminess Air

    1.5 (564 reviews)
    • Cosmetics and Personal Care
    • www.luminessair.com

    "I have asked customer service for the last 3 months to take me off the list i do not want to be on the subscription any longer, once again im being charged for makeup i do not want anymore but i keep getting it sent to me and..."

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  • Ulta


    1.8 (501 reviews)
    • Cosmetics and Personal Care
    • www.ulta.com

    "I called to inquire about a package I havent received and the person by the name of Rihanna gave me attitude and raised her voice at me. This will be my last Ulta purchase."

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