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Construction and Repair
  • Andy OnCall

    Andy OnCall

    1.6 (29 reviews)
    • Construction and Repair
    • www.andyoncallchicago.com

    "The new owner does not seem knowledgeable about repairs. The previous owner, Chris always knew exactly what I wanted done. The new owner act as if they are doing me a favor that I am paying for. Not pleased."

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  • Ecolife Home Improvements

    Ecolife Home Improvements

    2.6 (23 reviews)
    • Construction and Repair
    • www.ecolifesudbury.com

    "He is now selling his gazebo and bunkie at Victoria lodge in st charles because he has no money and legal aid denied him"

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  • Ubuildit


    2.4 (29 reviews)
    • Construction and Repair
    • www.ubuildit.com

    I need to speak with someone in charge. Not Damaris. She doesn't return phone calls and ignores emails. My vehicle was hit by a spare tire that came off one of your trucks 3 or 4 weeks ago now . I would like a better answer..."

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  • Del Webb

    Del Webb

    1.6 (34 reviews)
    • Construction and Repair
    • www.delwebb.com

    "Never aided us in finding a home as requested. We assked for help deciding where to find a 55+ Gated community in the Was./Maryland/Virginia area. Possibly North Carolina!"

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  • Thyssenkrupp Elevator

    Thyssenkrupp Elevator

    1.4 (37 reviews)
    • Construction and Repair
    • www.thyssenkruppelevator.com

    "Complaint against your local dealer East African Elevator Company Ltd here in Kenya and a way forward for our stalled lift at our Hotel."

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  • Paradise Home Improvement

    Paradise Home Improvement

    1.5 (26 reviews)
    • Construction and Repair
    • paradisehomeimprove.com

    "I was on medication from a surgery and since they kept bugging I just said yeah what ever they left *** behind my toilet stole my tools and shower door moved my sink and didn't fix the paint or put any type of sealant and put the..."

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  • SteelMaster Buildings

    SteelMaster Buildings

    2.8 (30 reviews)
    • Construction and Repair
    • www.steelmasterusa.com

    "Bought a carport. Went up beautiful. Installed it alone, except for digging the piers. The key was laying out the foundation precisely."

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  • Pacific Homeworks

    Pacific Homeworks

    1.8 (24 reviews)
    • Construction and Repair
    • www.pacifichomeworks.com

    "After sending samples into Tex-Cote, their lab states that the contractor did not properly prepare and prime my house, resulting in bubbling and peeling of the paint. Failure is due to the deterioration of pre-existing films..."

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  • Trex


    1.6 (23 reviews)
    • Construction and Repair
    • www.trex.com

    "Ordered $7000.00 worth of Trex decking in April of this year on the basis that delivery would take approximately 2 weeks. Today is July 10th and not yet delivered. Every time I call it is the same answer: "your order is on its..."

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  • Dumpster Central

    Dumpster Central

    1.1 (8 reviews)
    • Construction and Repair
    • www.dumpstercentral.com

    "Paragon is thee most crooked of all. No words can discribe there crooked and lying ways so beware before you sign with them they will skin you live out of all your savings and some"

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