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  • Bath Planet

    Bath Planet

    4.4 (95 reviews)
    • Construction and Repair
    • www.bathplanet.com

    "Hello Brenda,
    Thank you for reaching out to Bath Planet Corporate. On our behalf we want to let you know we understand your disposition and want to apologize for your experience. Since all dealers are independently owned and operat..."

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  • Coast To Coast Carports

    Coast To Coast Carports

    1.7 (82 reviews)
    • Construction and Repair
    • www.coast-to-coastcarports.com

    "Hmm where to start. Terrible. Terrible. Terrible. Hands down the worst communicating company on the planet. I have been waiting almost a full calendar year for my building to be delivered here in Montana and they are closed for wi..."

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  • Century Communities

    Century Communities

    1.5 (96 reviews)
    • Construction and Repair
    • www.centurycommunities.com

    "BEWARE before buying a home with Century Communities. This corporation is extremely unprofessional and does not care what corners they cut at the expense of the new homeowner. Be prepared for pressure to close at their..."

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  • Eagle Carports

    Eagle Carports

    1.6 (88 reviews)
    • Construction and Repair
    • www.eaglecarports.com

    "I was assured that I did not need to be present on install.
    The building was installed in the poorest manner which included several bent sheets, missed anchor bolts, scratches to painted metal, sloppy trim work, trim work lapped di..."

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  • Graceland Portable Buildings

    Graceland Portable Buildings

    2.3 (73 reviews)
    • Construction and Repair
    • www.gracelandportablebuildings.com

    "I ordered a barn almost two months ago where is it , I got about $13000 worth of my stuff sitting outside"

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  • Four Seasons Sunrooms

    Four Seasons Sunrooms

    1.9 (46 reviews)
    • Construction and Repair
    • www.fourseasonssunrooms.com

    "Scheduled an appointment. We had both taken half a day off to meet the rep! We waited for hours he never showed up and did not cancel either. Tried to call him, he did not answer the phone. Unreliable service! It seems like they..."

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  • Carolina Carports

    Carolina Carports

    1.5 (79 reviews)
    • Construction and Repair
    • www.carolinacarportsinc.com

    "Took 3 months before installation. (I knew that from the start) I was quoted a balance of $2838.59. When i got my bill after installation, my quote was totally different, it was $3,146.70. I was charged commission twice. I..."

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  • American Exteriors

    American Exteriors

    1.5 (45 reviews)
    • Construction and Repair
    • www.amext.com

    "My wife and I had a rep from American Ext. Roxanne Fresques came to our house for new windows early Mar 2018 and we ordered and had them installed Aug 2018, we tried to get a hold by phone, Boise Id, Greenwood Village Co. but no..."

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  • Luxury Bath

    Luxury Bath

    4.9 (8 reviews)
    • Construction and Repair
    • www.luxurybath.com

    "Thank you for reaching out to Luxury Bath Corporate. On our behalf we want to let you know we understand your disposition and want to apologize for your experience. Please contact Tammy our Consumer Relations Representative here..."

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  • Rhino Shield

    Rhino Shield

    1.5 (62 reviews)
    • Construction and Repair
    • www.rhinoshield.com

    "Had Rhino Shield Paint my Place on Delacroix Island after Hurricane Isaac And They Had to Re Paint it 3 Times in The First Year. It Is Peeling and Faded Again. I Don't Want Them to do ANYTHING to It Again. I Just Want People to..."

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