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  • Allied Interstate

    Allied Interstate

    1.3 (21 reviews)
    • Collection Agencies
    • www.allied-interstate.com

    "I moved from Georgia to Florida due to my dad passing in 2013, and I called Dish to see if I could bundle their services were I was moving and they could not. They wanted $117 for me to cancel and get service with someone else,..."

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  • GC Services

    GC Services

    1.6 (54 reviews)
    • Collection Agencies
    • www.gcserv.com

    "Hi WhatsApp Grievance Officer / Team,
    My mobile number which was blocked earlier was +91-9711****06 & another mobile number which I got just yesterday which is also blocked is +91-9773****26.
    Please reactivate both my mobile number..."

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  • Midland Credit Management

    Midland Credit Management

    1.0 (31 reviews)
    • Collection Agencies
    • www.midlandcredit.com

    "I spoke with an agent about a month ago, he advised me to provide a statement that I am no longer working with an attorney on my account. I called them back and a foreign lady asked me what do I need to speak to him about. I..."

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  • Convergent Outsourcing

    Convergent Outsourcing

    1.1 (51 reviews)
    • Collection Agencies
    • www.convergentusa.com

    "this company is one kind where make feels to go this place and burn them all of them dont worth a penny you will lose your money and you will be saying by the company you never paid a penny to them when this convergen is scammers..."

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  • Ic System

    Ic System

    1.8 (15 reviews)
    • Collection Agencies
    • www.icsystem.com

    "A creditor that had sent me to this collections agency by mistake has paperwork that they closed it out with IC Systems 11/9/2020. Here it is a year later, and IC Systems has filed a new derogatory item in my credit report. I..."

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  • Transworld Systems

    Transworld Systems

    1.4 (65 reviews)
    • Collection Agencies
    • tsico.com

    "They say I apparently owe florida power money but I've never lived in Florida and haven't even lived in the usa in over a year."

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  • ER Solutions

    ER Solutions

    1.0 (2 reviews)
    • Collection Agencies
    • www.e-r-solutions.com

    "Trying to request a deletion letter"

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  • NCO Financial Systems

    NCO Financial Systems

    1.3 (13 reviews)
    • Collection Agencies
    • www.ncogroup.com

    "I dont owe you any money so *** and stop calling meno"

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  • Hunter Warfield

    Hunter Warfield

    1.1 (59 reviews)
    • Collection Agencies
    • www.hunterwarfield.com

    "Posted a collection on my account. I paid in full and I was wondering if It could be removed from my TransUnion report. I didn't know anything about it until it hit my report."

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  • ProCollect


    1.1 (85 reviews)
    • Collection Agencies
    • procollect.com

    "So in efforts to purchase a home I need to pay a debt. I contacted the consumer as well as my realtor and they was so nasty. I asked the guy could I make a settlement and he said no. I asked him if u could speak to the supervisor..."

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