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  • Marion Browning Baker

    Marion Browning Baker

    • Coffeehouses and Bakeries

    "I hired Marion while stationed in Germany for a simple divorce- she "played" me for years, until my PCS to Va. Finally after she stole money from me, I had enough- went to a civilian lawyer and found out 2 things:
    -She took out bot..."

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  • Lauras House Bakery

    Lauras House Bakery

    3.1 (4 reviews)
    • Coffeehouses and Bakeries
    • www.laurashousebakery.com

    "My husband and I ate lunch there today and had a wonderfully experience! Beautiful view, excellent food, and the owners are so sweet and personable ! And we waited on five minutes for our meal. Price was more than reasonable..."

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  • Corner Bakery Cafe

    Corner Bakery Cafe

    3.2 (4 reviews)
    • Coffeehouses and Bakeries
    • www.cornerbakerycafe.com

    "they finally gave me my bday sweet why did i have to go thru *** to get it!!!!!! long time custumer"

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  • Freihofers


    1.5 (2 reviews)
    • Coffeehouses and Bakeries
    • freihofers.com

    "But either I wrote down the phone number incorrectly or they left the wrong number? At this point in time not sure what to do."

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  • Baker Donelson

    Baker Donelson

    • Coffeehouses and Bakeries
    • www.bakerdonelson.com

    "More news that the law firm of Baker Donelson is not acting in its client's best interests. The law firm of Baker Donelson (where Eugene Podesta is a partner) has again been caught defrauding its own clients for monetary gain. In..."

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  • Wisenbaker Builder Services

    Wisenbaker Builder Services

    1.8 (2 reviews)
    • Coffeehouses and Bakeries
    • www.wisenbaker.com

    "WE bought a house at new subdivision and We need to get some cabinets they're no connected right at the center island.and we order a few more Items never heard from the company again.Poor customer service. and when making a call..."

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  • White Rose Bakery

    White Rose Bakery

    • Coffeehouses and Bakeries

    "I am surprised by all these bad reviews. I used White Rose Bakery out of Canby when my husband and I married and it was, hands down, some of the best cake I have ever had. I love cake, I do NOT usually love all cake and I..."

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  • Sisters Florist and Bakery

    Sisters Florist and Bakery

    • Coffeehouses and Bakeries
    • www.sistersfloristandbakery.com

    "The power of a negitive statement carries farther than a kind word. When reading a post from a "pissed consumer", Kurtis, against a Flower shop I used for my Daughter's wedding, I tried to post my positive experience with the see..."

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  • CSM Bakery Products

    CSM Bakery Products

    • Coffeehouses and Bakeries

    "I found a piece of plastic on the banana cake I bought the other day! What are you guys gonna do about it !? I'm so pissed off that's in not a quality product! "

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  • Bakers Delight

    Bakers Delight

    3.2 (2 reviews)
    • Coffeehouses and Bakeries
    • www.bakersdelight.com.au

    "No consultation or notification given to some customers in reguarding a change in their loyalty program.
    Elderly ppl rely on their free product, feeling cheated.
    Some ppl are not tec confident to use apps nor do they want too, Some..."

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