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  • Dunkin Donuts

    Dunkin Donuts

    2.2 (270 reviews)
    • Coffeehouses and Bakeries
    • www.dunkindonuts.com

    "Very rude employee at dunkin location on snow td in Parma : attitude towards a customer, raised voice, arguing, name calling"

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  • Starbucks


    2.4 (214 reviews)
    • Coffeehouses and Bakeries
    • www.starbucks.com

    "Because this locations the first time I was waiting for my order to take a while and somebody mind me they get the order and I was to wait in the second complaint the coffee is so hot and he spit on me and my vehicles is on my..."

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  • Auntie Annes

    Auntie Annes

    2.1 (198 reviews)
    • Coffeehouses and Bakeries
    • www.auntieannes.com

    "I had the WORST service at your location at the citrus park mall, fl location near the Macys. They had barely any product and no one working on any(the mall just opened)! They all were acting like they didnt want to be there!..."

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  • Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

    Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

    2.3 (194 reviews)
    • Coffeehouses and Bakeries
    • www.krispykreme.com

    "I am a loyalty member, but have stopped shopping with KK. Once in a while I try to give KK another shot and always EXTREMELY disappointed. Strawberry Lemonade...a complete mess and NOTHING LIKE YOUR ADVERTISEMENT ON THE BOARD. I..."

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  • Tim Hortons

    Tim Hortons

    2.2 (161 reviews)
    • Coffeehouses and Bakeries
    • www.timhortons.com

    "I stopped in this 665 location before work this morning and I complained to the Wendy's manager that the restrooms were absolutely disgusting , women's rr -toilet paper , trash over flowing , bloody pads on floor , toilets dirty.

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  • Tim Hortons Canada

    Tim Hortons Canada

    2.0 (90 reviews)
    • Coffeehouses and Bakeries
    • www.timhortons.ca

    "There was a tac in a dount and called almost 100 times or more and asked for someone to call me back and they say they will but will not call back because I think they are afraid to call back to apologize to a 12 year old kid. I..."

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  • Wolfermans


    1.8 (60 reviews)
    • Coffeehouses and Bakeries
    • www.wolfermans.com

    "Please take me off of your email list. I am tired of the daily emails!!!!
    You should have unsubscribe capability."

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  • Bimbo Bakeries Usa

    Bimbo Bakeries Usa

    1.6 (40 reviews)
    • Coffeehouses and Bakeries
    • www.bimbobakeries.com

    "The values of this company has rolled down hill and failed countless times because of management that Bimbo Bakeries introduced AI into its new business models since management has to many human errors lacking any understanding to..."

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  • Shipley Donuts

    Shipley Donuts

    1.9 (26 reviews)
    • Coffeehouses and Bakeries
    • www.shipleydonuts.ws

    "I went to a store in San Antonio Texas and they charge my account close to $2000 and neither the manager or the owner have returned my call."

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  • Cumberland Farms

    Cumberland Farms

    2.3 (18 reviews)
    • Coffeehouses and Bakeries
    • www.cumberlandfarms.com

    "Since new proprietors have taken over the store has declined rapidly. Store if filthy counter tops sticky never wiped down never any coffee ready ice or hot smells like sour milk hardened cream hanging from there spouts if there..."

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