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  • Southgate Cinemas

    Southgate Cinemas

    • Cinemas and Theaters

    "When I bought a ticket yesterday at the Southgate Cinemas in Grants Pass, Oregon, I was sold a ticket to the wrong show on purpose.

    After I paid the admission price, the assistant manager who sold me the ticket tore its stub off as..."

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  • Showcase Cinemas

    Showcase Cinemas

    1.5 (1 review)
    • Cinemas and Theaters
    • www.showcasecinemas.com

    "They took money from a full gift card, told me it had been refunded to the gift card. I paid with my own money and they never refunded the balance back to my gift card. It was a$50 gift card that they emptied. "

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  • Scotiabank Theatre

    Scotiabank Theatre

    1.0 (1 review)
    • Cinemas and Theaters
    • www.cineplex.com

    "Asked for a Bombay & soda. After 5 minutes at the computer, the bartender said, "Sorry we don't have the ingredients." What!! It's gin and soda!!
    Then asked second bartender for a Perrier. Her response? "nope, don't have any." Coul..."

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  • Regal Grand Parkway ScreenX and RPX

    Regal Grand Parkway ScreenX and RPX

    1.0 (1 review)
    • Cinemas and Theaters

    "We were passing through the area (06/20/2021and decided to stop in to bowl:
    1) the place is nearly empty
    2) they have no cheap socks that you can buy
    3) the manager tells me it is $28 per hour to bowl
    4) we drive to the dollar store a..."

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  • MJR Digital Cinemas

    MJR Digital Cinemas

    • Cinemas and Theaters
    • www.mjrtheatres.com

    "Every time we see a movie at MJR we notice that the popcorn bags are extremely noisy during the movie. All the rustling noise is extremely distracting. I'd like to suggest that you go back to putting popcorn in boxes to cut down..."

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  • Lubbock Premiere Cinema

    Lubbock Premiere Cinema

    • Cinemas and Theaters

    "I went to the IMAX theater in Lubbock on May 14 (Tuesday). For some reason, we had to buy our movie tickets at the concession stand that day as the regular box office was closed, so while we bought our tickets, we decided to orde..."

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  • Keller Auditorium

    Keller Auditorium

    2.2 (1 review)
    • Cinemas and Theaters
    • kellerauditorium.net

    "Took my wife to see her 1st opera, the actors & the overall performance was fantastic but the rest of the place was terrible! 1st-there's trash around your feet as you walk around the main floor , Wtf 2nd-while in line for..."

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  • Halls Cinema 7

    Halls Cinema 7

    1.1 (1 review)
    • Cinemas and Theaters
    • www.hallscinema7.net

    "Twice I went to the movie theatre and TWICE they forgot me the first time and then 5 years later when I went with my fiancé, they forgot we were there. DID NOT VIEW movie.

    The first time, the inept crew (which have long since..."

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  • Flagship Cinemas

    Flagship Cinemas

    • Cinemas and Theaters
    • flagshipcinemas.com

    "I purchased a gift certificate for my daughter........Carrie Wetherby last christmas......in the amount of $100.00 She lives in RUTLAND, VT 05701 The cinema there has closed permanently and she was never able to use it !!!!!! I..."

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  • Fathom Events

    Fathom Events

    • Cinemas and Theaters
    • www.fathomevents.com

    "Attended the Noon show of "True Grit" at the Regal Edwards South Gate, 8630 Garfield Ave., S. Gate, CA 90280 on Wed., May 8, 2019. My first time at a Fathom Event. I was shocked at the substandard visual quality of the film: dark..."

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