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  • Regal Cinemas

    Regal Cinemas

    2.3 (934 reviews)
    • Cinemas and Theaters
    • www.regmovies.com

    "Attempting to cancel Regal Unlimited Movie Subscription with a PHONE CALLif possible!! Navigating their *** CUSTOMER SUPPORT WEBSITE if extremely difficult for some of us technically challenged OLD TIMERS!! I'm getting pissed!"

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  • AMC Theatres

    AMC Theatres

    2.0 (677 reviews)
    • Cinemas and Theaters
    • www.amctheatres.com

    "I went to 86th St., Manhattan, NY amc with two of my sisters .30 minutes into the movie we see at rat ! So we leftover do not recommend that area"

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  • AMC Entertainment

    AMC Entertainment

    1.6 (144 reviews)
    • Cinemas and Theaters
    • www.investor.amctheatres.com

    "No good movies on streaming and the reason I subscribed was because of one picture and I have checked your other movies and I'm not interested"

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  • Cineplex


    2.4 (112 reviews)
    • Cinemas and Theaters
    • www.cineplex.com

    "I purchased six tickets for a family event on family day. To celebrate my birthday of 70 and my daughters birthday of 47 we decided to take everyone to see the Bob Marley movie. The importance was to sit in the group. Everything..."

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    1.6 (55 reviews)
    • Cinemas and Theaters
    • cinepolisusa.com

    "Worst experience worst service ever didn't get my ticket or refund.. I called customer care they didn't pickup my call"

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  • INOX Movies

    INOX Movies

    2.0 (75 reviews)
    • Cinemas and Theaters
    • www.inoxmovies.com

    "I ordered pizza and coke after 20 min staff from catering said it's coming in 2 min but nothing comes out.Movie about to finish and staff says it will take 5 min because machine has broke down not accepted change in order could..."

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  • Home Cinema Center

    Home Cinema Center

    3.2 (72 reviews)
    • Cinemas and Theaters
    • www.homecinemacenter.com

    "I bought a Vendome Curio Cabinet on 4/20/2021. I paid $2,092.34 for it. It was delivered on July 2022 a year later. When it was delivered, it was damaged. The delivery guys did not take it off the truck. The glass was broken and..."

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  • Village Cinemas

    Village Cinemas

    2.1 (43 reviews)
    • Cinemas and Theaters
    • villagecinemas.com.au

    "All I want to know is, when does the diner at Coburg Drive-In shut?
    This information is nowhere to be found! I have an 11:10pm screening to go to tonight and want to know if theyll have food to serve for the 2.5 hour movie Im going..."

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  • Cinemark


    2.9 (23 reviews)
    • Cinemas and Theaters
    • www.cinemark.com

    "I went to a Cinemark today and as a reward member , I gave them my phone number and my account did not come up. They had to use my email address. How can I see if I put the correct phone number in for my rewards account?"

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  • Cinematrix


    1.3 (15 reviews)
    • Cinemas and Theaters
    • cinematrix.net

    "You keep taking money out of my account. You have no authorization to do so. I am turning this matter over to a lawyer and the better business bureau. Stop taking money that don't belong to you, This has been going for several..."

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