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  • Cigars International

    Cigars International

    2.9 (14 reviews)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco
    • www.cigarsinternational.com

    "Been on hold for 35 minutes no response. Need to order my cigars. Bonus runs out at midnight tonight. I dont know if a 100 words will resolve this or am I wasting my time. Can you call me back at 218-390-****"

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  • Cigarrest


    4.9 (7 reviews)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco
    • www.cigarrest.com

    "Does anyone out there have the Cigarrest CD, if you want to sell it I'll buy it. Email me at dkinnart@***.com"

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  • Victory Electronic Cigarettes

    Victory Electronic Cigarettes

    1.0 (1 review)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco
    • www.victoryecigs.com

    "This company is a complete SCAM. Stay very far away from them and go to a reputable retailer or online store.

    This company has scammed me out of over $100 and refuses to refund any of it.

    I had signed up for the trial promotion,..."

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  • Vaporl


    1.7 (21 reviews)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco
    • www.vaporl.com

    "When a shop doesn't have any contact form at all and their presence on social media doesn't exist... then you shouldn't be a genius to know what's going on and you should feel stupid already if you ordered something and lost your..."

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  • Hemper


    2.1 (13 reviews)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco
    • www.hemper.co

    "I purchased the pipe like 510 battery. Unfortunately, it was lost. When I purchased a replacement, it was completely different and inferior. The replacement was quite different and not nearly as heavy and well made. It came apart..."

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  • Joyetech USA

    Joyetech USA

    2.2 (13 reviews)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco
    • www.joyetech.us

    "I never got to speak to or call joytech and I feel like this is all a horrible scam I got a confirmation number stating Id be ask for that and I never even got to speak to anyone but they took money from my account! This is..."

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  • Vapex E Cig

    Vapex E Cig

    1.1 (9 reviews)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco

    "I'm thankful that I read the reviews about your sorry *** business dealings. This comes with these greedy *** sticking it to people that are trying to do what's best for their health and those around them . And here's another..."

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  • South Beach Smoke

    South Beach Smoke

    2.4 (11 reviews)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco
    • www.southbeachsmoke.com

    "Order placed 6/1 and it is 6/19/23 and I still do not have it. Tracking system does not work on the website because they can no longer ship via USPS. South Beach update your website and communicate with your customers. Signature..."

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  • The Kind Pen

    The Kind Pen

    2.9 (11 reviews)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco
    • www.thekindpen.com

    "My card is still on your site and I didnt get to order my mist pen I am disappointed in not getting my order."

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  • Smoke 51

    Smoke 51

    • Cigarettes and Tobacco
    • europe.smoke51.com

    "I bought the prefilled to try. It lasted about 2 weeks before it quit working. Emailed coporate headquarters friday . Today is Tuesday and have not heard anything back."

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