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  • WickiePipes


    1.3 (31 reviews)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco
    • www.wickiepipes.com

    "My credit card was charged immediately and an order confirmation arrived in my email box with an USPS tracking number on the same day. After 8 days I notified WickiePipes via email that my USPS tracking number shows my package..."

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  • Pall Mall

    Pall Mall

    2.7 (31 reviews)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco
    • www.pallmallusa.com

    "I am writing you about maybe getting all the Pall Mall Green 100's cigarettes before they make you stop making them if you would I like to get as many as I can thank you"

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  • PerfectVape


    2.5 (27 reviews)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco
    • perfectvape.com

    "They have no problem taking your money but, I I feellike I was robbed,in brood daylight from this Perfect Vape.com.Be as your name states or maybe you should have called yourself NON PERFECT VAPE!!! LOL"

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  • Natural American Spirit

    Natural American Spirit

    2.5 (29 reviews)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco
    • www.americanspirit.com

    "I've been buying american spirits for ten years now. And you just keep raising the price. The quality of the cigarettes have gone downhill big time. If you barely bump them against something they break right in half. I would love..."

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  • King Pen Vapes

    King Pen Vapes

    1.6 (31 reviews)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco
    • kingpenvapes.com

    "It said online orders over 49.00 no shipping charges the cart show 35.00 shipping in calling says number not available wth"

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  • Blu Com

    Blu Com

    2.4 (17 reviews)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco
    • www.blu.com

    "Trying to update email and home address I also have younger kids that I have to keep in contact with"

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  • Copenhagen Tobacco

    Copenhagen Tobacco

    2.1 (21 reviews)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco

    "Can we start getting a full can of Copenhagen again, or make them bigger like RedSeal? Im really starting to get tired of 3/4 cans of tobacco."

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  • Winston Cigarettes

    Winston Cigarettes

    3.3 (14 reviews)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco
    • winstoncigarettes.com

    "I called customer service. They were very nice. They said they would load my coupons online and I would have them in 24 hours. That was about five days ago. I can't even get my coupons to open anymore."

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  • Cigarbid


    3.0 (22 reviews)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco
    • www.cigarbid.com

    "I order Humi care product for my humidor , it was a 4 oz. ProductIt had to be an outdated product! I got ripped off!"

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  • Vaping Com

    Vaping Com

    2.0 (19 reviews)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco
    • vaping.com

    "I want the money back as I have no id and so they told me I cant have my goods but wont refund me so I want my money back"

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