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  • Marlboro


    2.6 (803 reviews)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco
    • www.marlboro.com

    I don't know how this happened but please stop the merry go round regarding this issue. It was a mistake I would like to rectify.

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  • Vuse Vapor

    Vuse Vapor

    1.9 (587 reviews)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco
    • www.vusevapor.com

    "Hello* ive used vuse since you first came out, in fact the charger and pod holder were only $1.99, now they are $9.99! Im on SS so im careful with my use, but i bought a new holder and IT DOESN'T WORK! I've tried charging it..."

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  • SMOK


    2.0 (467 reviews)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco
    • www.smoktech.com

    "Liking new purchase why shouldnt be liking take back but sales person wont take back not cheap $45.you should do something about it."

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  • O2Pur


    1.7 (265 reviews)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco
    • ordero2pur.com

    "I got a o2pure vape an the dam thing dosnot charge i called the. Company they sent out another vape I was charged twice 39.95 *** rip off I payed then why did they charge me 39.95 when it was to be $4.95 brooks an I hope the..."

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  • Element Vape

    Element Vape

    1.9 (208 reviews)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco
    • www.elementvape.com

    "Twice charged and no product. This place is a f@?king scamBullshitBullshitBullshitBullshit!!!you pice of Bullshitno customer service at all *** dont even bother with this nonsense"

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  • R J Reynolds Tobacco Company

    R J Reynolds Tobacco Company

    2.2 (175 reviews)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco
    • rjrt.com

    "After buying two packs of your pall mall lite 100s, which I usually do everyday, I opened one pack and the filters come off the cigarettes. This is unacceptable due to the amount of money that I have to spend for the cigarettes. I..."

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    1.9 (138 reviews)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco
    • www.voopoo.com

    "I purchased 2 Voo Poo drag Q vapes 2 months ago. 1 week after I purchased it, it quit working. I reached out to customer service and provided them with all of the required documentation that they asked for. I am still trying to..."

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  • Juul


    2.0 (141 reviews)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco
    • www.juul.com

    "Current order no:551194****
    Previous order no:55803****
    how to use it
    current orderno:551194****, previous order no:55803**** how to use it on my device . please confirm it."

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  • Regal Cigs

    Regal Cigs

    1.6 (37 reviews)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco
    • www.regalcigs.com

    "Terrible customer service....Working on this issue for 3 days....no results....can not talk to anyone. Difficult for elderly to manage."

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  • Geekvape


    1.9 (74 reviews)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco
    • www.geekvape.com

    "It's leaking the coil is burned my brother in law was smoking it to much and it broke it it's leaking and it's coil all burned up"

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