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  • Marlboro


    2.6 (675 reviews)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco
    • www.marlboro.com

    "I tried to put some glasses on wish list spent 9000 point you are saying all sell final I've been a miles going back to country store when u can get shirts and sweatshirt with Marlboro on it it I can't get them back keep them I..."

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  • SMOK


    2.0 (374 reviews)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco
    • www.smoktech.com

    "Horrible customer service. Basically got ignored. They took my money, got me to pay more money (to fix a DEFECTIVE product) and when that didn't work, I was quoted a "14 day return policy". SMOK will take your money and doesn't..."

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  • O2Pur


    1.7 (263 reviews)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco
    • ordero2pur.com

    "Would like to return my batteries and replace them?. i like the the ones. I had before .I've been saving the one's i had . I would like to see if could keep the same style but removing only the batteriess? .I also like to see if y..."

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  • Vuse Vapor

    Vuse Vapor

    2.0 (325 reviews)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco
    • www.vusevapor.com

    "All 3 packs of 5 % fuse not working. Im not sure while the leaked like they did so I wasted my 12 pods I had to throw away 4 in a back"

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  • R J Reynolds Tobacco Company

    R J Reynolds Tobacco Company

    2.2 (151 reviews)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco
    • rjrt.com

    "Damaged products
    No response............................................................................"

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  • Regal Cigs

    Regal Cigs

    1.7 (36 reviews)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco
    • www.regalcigs.com

    "I have been a smoker for many years and always stuck to same brand (regal) but recently i have noticed that the tabacco spills out of your cigarettes , this is a disappointment as i pay a lot of money for your product,this had..."

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  • Juul


    1.9 (64 reviews)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco
    • www.juul.com

    "I cant get my product because Im never home to sign .. I already discussed the problem . Never received a call about my issue. I was home yesterday waiting and this morning got an email saying : unable to deliver. Im going to..."

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  • Njoy


    2.6 (70 reviews)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco
    • www.njoy.com

    "i buy double pod packs once a week and 1/2 packs i buy are brown out of the box. i shouldnt be excited whenver i get a crystal clear pod but i am. theres no real njoy alternatives because the rest all have too much flavor. as..."

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    2.3 (55 reviews)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco
    • www.voopoo.com

    "Just bought new Vape. worked for half a day and stopped working all of a sudden. Charges just fine. I have tried 3 different pods all with no product being vaped."

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  • V2 Cigarette

    V2 Cigarette

    2.1 (45 reviews)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco

    "I have found the customer service to be very poor for an expensive product
    I have the vertx plus which does not seem to work properly anymore when I contacted customer service they were very unhelpful and I had to send it back for..."

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