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  • Marlboro


    2.6 (740 reviews)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco
    • www.marlboro.com

    "I am writing to tell you that I (WAS) a loyal Marlboro smoker for 41 years. But y'all done some dirty deeds last year. Y'all sent out coupons for $50.00 off a carton of Marlboro cigarettes last year. Y'all even sent it to non..."

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  • SMOK


    2.1 (434 reviews)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco
    • www.smoktech.com

    "My Nord 50 Watt is not the charge battery draind at an excelerated rate Device only lasts for about 2hrs"

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  • Vuse Vapor

    Vuse Vapor

    2.0 (519 reviews)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco
    • www.vusevapor.com

    "The pods are still not up to par dark orange and spit and will not vape properly! Sad sad not good !!"

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  • O2Pur


    1.7 (265 reviews)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco
    • ordero2pur.com

    "I got a o2pure vape an the dam thing dosnot charge i called the. Company they sent out another vape I was charged twice 39.95 *** rip off I payed then why did they charge me 39.95 when it was to be $4.95 brooks an I hope the..."

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  • R J Reynolds Tobacco Company

    R J Reynolds Tobacco Company

    2.2 (168 reviews)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco
    • rjrt.com

    "For roughly the last 2 weeks it seems like every pack I've purchased have had SEVERAL cigarettes with multiple small holes in them. Packs have been purchased at different locations so it's not a specific place this problem..."

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  • Element Vape

    Element Vape

    1.9 (155 reviews)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco
    • www.elementvape.com

    "I have been charged but still waiting for email saying its shipped cant call and speak to someone I want to know something"

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  • Juul


    1.9 (114 reviews)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco
    • www.juul.com

    "Not happy with customer service or with the vender from who I purchased faulty product. We are considering a different product that will help people with faulty products.
    Mechelle Wisener"

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    2.1 (109 reviews)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco
    • www.voopoo.com

    "I ordered a vape from voopoo and they said it'll take about 3-30 days. On the tracking app it said that the label was printed, and it stayed like that for 2 months. USPS told me that the package has not been sent and only the..."

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  • Regal Cigs

    Regal Cigs

    1.7 (37 reviews)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco
    • www.regalcigs.com

    "Terrible customer service....Working on this issue for 3 days....no results....can not talk to anyone. Difficult for elderly to manage."

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  • Njoy


    2.2 (71 reviews)
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco
    • www.njoy.com

    "I bought 3 packs of pods and they are all leaking. This is not the first time this has happened. I would like to talk to someone and be reimbursed"

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