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  • KiwiCo


    2.7 (116 reviews)
    • Kids
    • www.kiwico.com

    "I already had a subscription that I didnt realize was on auto renew. So I started a new subscription, being charged for both.
    Customer service promptly handled the issue.
    Good customer service however I had a very difficult time fin..."

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  • Delta Children

    Delta Children

    1.7 (89 reviews)
    • Kids
    • www.deltachildren.com

    "Purchased a crib from Sears for my grandson. Hes three now. Need to replace the mattress support part #16945."

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  • Rainbow Play Systems

    Rainbow Play Systems

    1.4 (40 reviews)
    • Kids
    • www.rainbowplay.com

    "We attended a home show where we were told we won the door prize drawing (a water air filter system. The only catch was someone from the company had to come out to demonstrate the item and when they left we would have a water air..."

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  • ABCya


    1.4 (33 reviews)
    • Kids
    • www.abcya.com

    "Hi. I accidentally deleted my email that had the gift card I bought from your website. They emailed me the gift card again with no questions asked. Thank you!"

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  • Moj Moj

    Moj Moj

    2.5 (20 reviews)
    • Kids

    "Moj number please send me the number number for the number thanks bye number to you bye bye love bye thanks love love bye love you love miss miss bye bye love you miss love you love bye love miss miss"

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  • Magic Tracks

    Magic Tracks

    1.7 (39 reviews)
    • Kids
    • www.magictracks.com

    "Cant believe that you cant get replacement tracks or accessories for the tracks. If a person buys the track looks like they could buy accerss to go with it


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  • Osmo


    2.1 (18 reviews)
    • Kids
    • www.playosmo.com

    "your email order #OSAUS25279 dated16.1.24 indicating order accepted and delivery 7-15 days .Cannot trace parcel at yuan express using YT240172****050327 as tracking no. and shipment no.BC240********.Can you indicate if the..."

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  • APEX4Kids Com

    APEX4Kids Com

    1.4 (38 reviews)
    • Kids
    • apex4kids.com

    "Based on my bank statement I was recently charged 99.00 for what I am assuming was an auto renewal. I did not approve this auto renewal and would like a refund. Also at the very least I need to cancel my membership for next year..."

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  • Dynacraft


    1.6 (28 reviews)
    • Kids
    • dynacraftwheels.com

    "The front wheel is rubbing it seems to be bent or too big. Its my kids first bike please contact me asap. Thank you."

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  • Early Moments

    Early Moments

    2.6 (17 reviews)
    • Kids
    • www.earlymoments.com

    "I've been trying to get my my Disney 2024 calendar nobody has yet responded to me about that please call me or give me your phone number so I can call not the other one where their phones aren't working I want to talk to a live pe..."

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