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  • Care Com

    Care Com

    1.4 (518 reviews)
    • Kids
    • www.care.com

    "Not only is there zero communication via email customer service there is virtually no way to cancel subscription. I've been scammed or am in a virtual loop of confusion online on their website trying to stop these vultures taking..."

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  • MGA Entertainment

    MGA Entertainment

    1.9 (89 reviews)
    • Kids
    • www.mgae.com

    "Hello MGA customer service.
    We just bought a rainbow high doll and there is a problem with her leg. I wanted to inform you
    My daughter is so upset
    We live in Iran and pay high price for your product

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  • KiwiCo


    2.2 (78 reviews)
    • Kids
    • www.kiwico.com

    "I added baggage in 124euro.at the time to buy the tickets now it's saying I could not added the bag and I get refund back of 69euro.what is this?why you cancelled my bag?what we ll do without bag?"

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  • Rainbow Play Systems

    Rainbow Play Systems

    1.5 (39 reviews)
    • Kids
    • www.rainbowplay.com

    "Within 2 years of buying a new RPS, we were disappointed to discover that SOME metal components (chains, bolts, mounting rings, etc.) started rusting while other identical metal parts didn't. Different suppliers?? In addition,..."

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  • ABCya


    1.6 (32 reviews)
    • Kids
    • www.abcya.com

    "Grandchild does not use it anymore. She is now 10 and not interested anymore. Please cancel my subscription asap. I no longer want this fee to be withdrawn from my account."

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  • Magic Tracks

    Magic Tracks

    1.6 (38 reviews)
    • Kids
    • www.magictracks.com

    "Brought tracks from LOWES car stopped working 1st day went back given an exchange, now car unable to turn off without taking the battery out. Loved the idea of the toy just upset that it does not work properly. Seems like stuff..."

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  • APEX4Kids Com

    APEX4Kids Com

    1.3 (37 reviews)
    • Kids
    • apex4kids.com

    "I made an account and I noticed that the site is not interesting, and I forgot about it.
    Then I received monthly email saying that I have to pay if not they will close my account, so I didn't did anything because they said that the..."

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  • Osmo


    2.1 (10 reviews)
    • Kids
    • www.playosmo.com

    "Very terrible Support once.
    You buy the whole package, then you have to buy $100 monthly subscription to even use it"

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  • Dynacraft


    1.7 (25 reviews)
    • Kids
    • dynacraftwheels.com

    "I brought my grandson one of your bikes the genesis chrome 2.0 20 inch bicycle BMX I do not have the front wheel hub axle nuts"

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  • Moj Moj

    Moj Moj

    2.1 (10 reviews)
    • Kids

    "I can't log in moj account,so pls delete my account
    Meri id *** ki huee h or na me log in kr paa rha hu"

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