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  • Ria Money Transfer

    Ria Money Transfer

    1.8 (117 reviews)
    • Cash Services
    • www.riamoneytransfer.com

    "A friend in Arizona borrowed 30 dollars and wired it back to me via Ria money services. I tried to pick it up 4 times. Each time the clerks first told me I had the wrong confirmation number. I would show them the same # with my..."

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  • Ace Cash Express

    Ace Cash Express

    2.3 (51 reviews)
    • Cash Services
    • www.acecashexpress.com

    "Paid off my loan at the Warren, OH store . Teller said I was short $20 . Said I gave her $420 , but I gave her $440 . Gave her another $20 , paid it off and left. Outside in my truck , I recounted my money , and I was $20 short !..."

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  • Popmoney


    1.3 (115 reviews)
    • Cash Services
    • www.popmoney.com

    "Put in all my information, then they ask if you want a text or a call to get a code, didn't get either. So after so many tries I call was told to call back in an hour because it was above his pay grade to do whatever had to be..."

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  • Bill Me Later

    Bill Me Later

    1.3 (11 reviews)
    • Cash Services
    • www.billmelater.com

    "I tried to use the PayPal pay later option when ordering from a merchant. However the paypal site never generated a order #. When I called the merchant they never received a payment to generate an oder number. However PayPal did..."

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  • Earnin


    2.0 (75 reviews)
    • Cash Services
    • www.earnin.com

    "Earn it is asking me for a work Email, but I don't have a work email, and I've been using this app for a long time. 701-219-**** Leo Morris"

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  • Coinstar


    1.4 (112 reviews)
    • Cash Services
    • www.coinstar.com

    "I put in 75$ and it said it only counted 26$ it gave back five dimes thats it totally a ripoff my suggestion don't use coinstar"

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  • Transferwise


    2.5 (58 reviews)
    • Cash Services
    • transferwise.com

    "I send money to india i start 3 june and my bank send u money friday .but u say u wait the money but my money is already cut."

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  • Xoom


    1.7 (71 reviews)
    • Cash Services
    • www.xoom.com

    "They took $120.99 out without my permission and I dont know what this company is all about and they lied and said I will get my money back and it has been over 10 Business days and still nothing"

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  • The Cash Store

    The Cash Store

    1.5 (63 reviews)
    • Cash Services
    • www.cashstore.com

    "Paid account off still no confirmation letter as promised I would like to do business with them again I was ill"

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  • Cell Pay Us

    Cell Pay Us

    1.2 (51 reviews)
    • Cash Services
    • www.cellpay.us

    "Next month I will be changing phone service how do I cancel cell pay? Changing to spectrum phone service. Right now I am currently with metro PC."

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