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  • World Remit

    World Remit

    2.3 (600 reviews)
    • Cash Services

    "I was trying to wire money over. It said the transfer went through on my end, and they're verifying it on the other end. The next thing I know, they cancelled the transaction and shut down my account. I've been trying to email..."

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  • Payu India

    Payu India

    1.4 (499 reviews)
    • Cash Services

    "My domestic account is not activated fully that is I send payment link to my customers & when they open to make payment it shows error please activate my account fully"

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  • Wise


    2.5 (543 reviews)
    • Cash Services

    "I was filling in my application form when prompted to fill in a 4-digit code, which I did not have. I was logged out and when I tried to log back in to complete my application form, it said my email address was blocked. It also..."

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  • Zelle Pay

    Zelle Pay

    1.5 (544 reviews)
    • Cash Services

    "I'm upset about the current issue because Zelle has not done what they said they would do. I was told the money was in a holding account and they would call back and confirm that I am the one who sent it. It would then be sent..."

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  • PayMaya


    2.5 (338 reviews)
    • Cash Services

    "I can't open my Maya account which has the number 0948641****. I forgot the password for it and I can't resolve it using my email, mylenesaban023@***.com. This is because my email has already been deleted and I can't access my..."

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  • Western Union

    Western Union

    1.7 (388 reviews)
    • Cash Services

    "Customer service is very rude. Every time I try to explain my issue, the guy cut me off. Needs to improve on how to talk to people."

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  • Ingo Money

    Ingo Money

    1.4 (541 reviews)
    • Cash Services

    "May the Gmail wrong numbers 82 instead of 44 #
    Thanks for everything
    That's another reason why I really need to get this last minute thing to you"

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  • Skrill


    2.0 (217 reviews)
    • Cash Services

    "Remboursement 159,47 dollars sous prétexte que mon adresser est incomplète en envoyant un message texte"

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  • Clearpay


    2.8 (169 reviews)
    • Cash Services

    "I purchased and paid for eternity perfume, a body shower, and a deodorant stick. However, I only received the perfume. Neither Royal Mail nor the seller delivered my complete order. My email is Abdul1.aaa645@***.com. Notice: If I..."

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  • Remitly


    2.1 (186 reviews)
    • Cash Services

    "Dear sir/madam, i hope this mail finds you well. the is Ram Kamara foreign exchange bureau in Sierra Leone, Bo city. We are partner with western union, MoneyGram Ria money and small World. we have seen the rate at which remitly..."

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