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  • RugsUSA


    1.6 (106 reviews)
    • Carpets, Rugs and Mats
    • www.rugsusa.com

    "The rug delivery took too long.
    I received the rug pad first.
    I received the rug the next week.
    I ordered a 9x12 area rug pad and a 9x12 rug.
    The rug pad was a true size of 9x12, but the rug was 8x12.
    I've seen all of the complaints ag..."

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  • AzCozy


    1.2 (66 reviews)
    • Carpets, Rugs and Mats
    • www.azcozy.com

    "I ordered a rug almost 3 months ago I never receive my rug from you guys so please send my rug . Im really not happy about this my address 2201 Lafayette drive Antioch ca 94509"

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  • Rite Rug

    Rite Rug

    1.5 (46 reviews)
    • Carpets, Rugs and Mats
    • www.riterug.com

    "They pieced in carpet when a single piece should have been used, then claimed my seams were showing because of moisture and refused to fix."

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  • Tiffin Mats

    Tiffin Mats

    1.5 (25 reviews)
    • Carpets, Rugs and Mats
    • www.tiffinmats.com

    "We paid for a mat from Tiffin Mats last spring and more than six months later have received neither the mat nor the requested refund. We called many times and have gotten no satisfaction. I see many people have complained. Avoid..."

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  • 651 Carpets

    651 Carpets

    1.5 (29 reviews)
    • Carpets, Rugs and Mats
    • www.651carpets.com

    "He says it is their annual sale but it has been running for at least eight months, his voice is nauseating and it is on every commercial. break. I will never buy or consider anything from this company because of that radio..."

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  • Rugs Done Right

    Rugs Done Right

    2.7 (9 reviews)
    • Carpets, Rugs and Mats
    • www.rugsdoneright.com

    "My rugs didn't arrive after a month. They told me with COVID and some workers
    working at home, it would take another month to arrive. That time has now passed.
    I want a refund or my rugs. I'll take this further if you don't act upon..."

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  • We Clean Carpets Of Las Vegas

    We Clean Carpets Of Las Vegas

    1.0 (2 reviews)
    • Carpets, Rugs and Mats
    • www.cleaning-carpet-lasvegas.com

    "Scam and upsell. Do not use these con men"

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  • Scanlon Carpets

    Scanlon Carpets

    • Carpets, Rugs and Mats
    • scanloncarpets.com

    "I am a builder and remodeler in the North King / South Sno area, and have used Scanlon for years. They give great service, fair pricing, have a really helpful attitude, and have stood by their products. I have had them put carpet..."

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  • Real Feel Golf Mats

    Real Feel Golf Mats

    • Carpets, Rugs and Mats
    • www.realfeelgolfmats.com

    "I contacted the guys at JR Mats after reading these comments and spoke with Curt. He was very helpful and i decided to buy a real feel golf mat. He even personally delivered it to me at a place near where i work so i didn't..."

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  • Decora Rugs

    Decora Rugs

    • Carpets, Rugs and Mats
    • www.decorarugs.com

    "I ordered a rug that came with a free rug pad, and requested a price match based on the website's price match guarantee: "Just send us the competitors coupon by email or call us by phone with your discount coupon and we will accep..."

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