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Carpets, Rugs and Mats
  • RugsUSA


    1.7 (114 reviews)
    • Carpets, Rugs and Mats
    • www.rugsusa.com

    "Your customer service was very helping and nice to me. Love you rugs, will continue to order in future.
    Thank you"

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  • AzCozy


    1.2 (66 reviews)
    • Carpets, Rugs and Mats
    • www.azcozy.com

    "I ordered a rug almost 3 months ago I never receive my rug from you guys so please send my rug . Im really not happy about this my address 2201 Lafayette drive Antioch ca 94509"

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  • Rite Rug

    Rite Rug

    1.4 (48 reviews)
    • Carpets, Rugs and Mats
    • www.riterug.com

    "Thom Carroll and Jada Washington delaying my floor replacement based on a mistake Rite Rug made and will not own. The wrong floor was brought during the install. If Thom would have been present he would have saw it was the wrong..."

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  • Tiffin Mats

    Tiffin Mats

    1.4 (28 reviews)
    • Carpets, Rugs and Mats
    • www.tiffinmats.com

    "Just dont. Order from ak athletics for gods sake.they will take ur order and take your money then never send your item!"

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  • 651 Carpets

    651 Carpets

    1.4 (30 reviews)
    • Carpets, Rugs and Mats
    • www.651carpets.com

    "My bathroom floor looked great for 2 years, then started shifting and now the planks are falling apart. I paid good money for a nice floor and they will not do anything to help me. I will NEVER use this company again and no one..."

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  • Car Mats Customs

    Car Mats Customs

    1.2 (25 reviews)
    • Carpets, Rugs and Mats
    • www.carmatscustoms.com

    "Receive 1/3rd of the order placed in May 2023. Going back and forth trying to get them to complete the order. They finally stopped communicating with me after 4 months. Paid around $600 for mats to fit 1988 Land Rover Defender..."

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  • Rugs Done Right

    Rugs Done Right

    1.9 (12 reviews)
    • Carpets, Rugs and Mats
    • www.rugsdoneright.com

    "I have TRIED to purchase rug karma349b for the past 3 weeks and still havent received the rug nor a response for my purchase \ there seems to be no other outlet that has it. Its very frustrating since I love the identical one..."

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  • Rugs Com

    Rugs Com

    3.7 (9 reviews)
    • Carpets, Rugs and Mats
    • rugs.com

    "Customer Communication is not up to par. Could not place order. Needed assistance but could get any one to help"

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  • Rugs Ca

    Rugs Ca

    1.2 (6 reviews)
    • Carpets, Rugs and Mats
    • rugs.ca

    "They dont post negative reviews m. They scam Canadians with . Ca address thinking products ship from
    Canada. You must return ship to USA. Half cost of the rug."

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  • Carpetright


    1.6 (5 reviews)
    • Carpets, Rugs and Mats
    • www.carpetright.co.uk

    "After being a loyal customer of carpetright for years I find that now they have been taken over this company and its customer service couldn't care less about its customers,I find the bill they now print out ( not the contract you..."

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