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    Case Description: Non payment for services provided
    We have subcontracted a job for partycharactersforkids.com for 1 of our actors to play Princess Elsa at a children's party. They emailed the client a photo of a costume they..."

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  • United Card Solutions

    United Card Solutions

    1.0 (1 review)
    • Cards
    • unitedcardsolutions.com

    "Stay away from this unscrupulous company with their bait and switch tactics. I was sold a 1% processing fee on all of my credit card transactions with a monthly payment of $349 per month to get that rate. The $349 monthly fee was..."

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  • SysPay


    • Cards
    • app.syspay.com

    "we joined syspay to process our payments.

    after having sent in all lour decuments 6 times may i add which was painful we were ignored for two weeks until we got intouch,. excuse after excuse and as our account was in trial mode we..."

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  • Starter Credit Direct

    Starter Credit Direct

    • Cards
    • www.startercreditdirect.com

    "On 6/17/08, I went online to check transactions in our Checking Account with The Dolores State Bank in Cortez, CO. I discovered a electronic check ransaction in the amount of $ 99.00 which had been debited from our account.

    The Pay..."

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  • Reflex Card

    Reflex Card

    1.8 (1 review)
    • Cards
    • www.reflexcardinfo.com

    "Tried to pay 350 dollars to pay down my Balence nowhere near my due date and got fined 35 dollars because the numbers for my account were incorrect this happened 3 different times I had what I thought was a considerate associate..."

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  • "Process America is a registered ISO of MERRICK BANK, PREVIOUS HARRIS BANK they are running a fraudulent enterprise, The scam consists of placing a 20% reserve for any credit card transation to cover potential losses for high risk..."

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  • "Ordered business cards from PlasticCardMonster.com and they arrived 3 to 4 weeks late. Then were SO HORRIBLY printed I couldnt hand them out. Tried to get a reprint, received run around by email, emailed back sample, the..."

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  • Pioneer Credit Counseling

    Pioneer Credit Counseling

    • Cards
    • www.pioneercredit.com

    "So a few years ago, we got into some credit card debt. We decided to get the debt consolidated. We called Pioneer Credit Counseling because they were BBB rated and local also. They were more than eager to have our business,..."

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  • PayableCard


    1.1 (1 review)
    • Cards
    • www.payablecard.com

    "I apply high security number plate, nd payment transfer 475 successfully to pahu.
    But payment recipe and confirmation not received from pahu
    Vehicle no RJ05SN8048

    Plz send my confirmation details by mail"

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  • National Merchant Alliance

    National Merchant Alliance

    • Cards
    • www.nmainfo.com

    "I closed a retail clothing business in May 2013. I was using National Merchant Alliance of Overland Park, KS for my credit card sales. Pursuant to their own rules I sent them a letter on May 3, 2013 explaining that we would no lon..."

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