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  • Lodi Bicycle Shop

    Lodi Bicycle Shop

    1.0 (1 review)
    • Bicycles and Skateboards
    • www.lodibicycleshop.com

    "My husband brought a motor bicycle tire in for axle replacement into lodi bike shop in lodi,ca..where he was unable to fix .so he told my husband he could switch all over to another rim .then he said to bring bike into his shop..."

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  • La Cyclesports

    La Cyclesports

    • Bicycles and Skateboards
    • www.lacyclesports.com

    "On Monday May 11, 2015, I was at the receiving end of some very poor service at Honda La Cyclesports. I took my motorcycle to Honda La Cyclesports service department to have my wheels removed so they could be picked up from the c..."

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  • Gotrax


    2.7 (1 review)
    • Bicycles and Skateboards
    • gotrax.com

    "I have been repeatedly emailing this company to try and buy a replacement part for my daughters scooter. I would call but the phone number refers you back to customer service *** via email.I received one response from what seems..."

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  • Giant Bicycle

    Giant Bicycle

    3.4 (1 review)
    • Bicycles and Skateboards
    • www.giant-bicycles.com

    "My Dealer has no support for me after purchase. I bought a Giant Fathom 1 Bike on 03/10/2021 and the Giant Crest forks Broke at the stem on 04/01/2021. The dealer said this is not covered under the warranty.
    Your Warranty states th..."

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  • FLX Bike

    FLX Bike

    1.5 (1 review)
    • Bicycles and Skateboards
    • flx.bike

    "Bought 1900.00$ bike in March 2020 and company doesn't answer phone emails or chat"

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  • Electric Bikes

    Electric Bikes

    • Bicycles and Skateboards
    • electric-bikes.com

    "User review and recommendations for electric bicycle batteries:
    Electro-ride/Electric-bikes.com has a great selection, products and prices. But I was dissatisfied with Brian's service. His vendor didn't fix the battery and..."

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  • Ebikefever


    1.0 (1 review)
    • Bicycles and Skateboards
    • ebikefever.com

    "I ordered an $1100 bike, they immediately charged my credit card. Several days later I get an oops letter - they don't have it in stock can we substitute a lesser bike for the same price. From that point forward they quit..."

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  • Cheap Cycle Parts

    Cheap Cycle Parts

    2.0 (1 review)
    • Bicycles and Skateboards
    • www.cheapcycleparts.com

    "I order part taking to long for shipping they don't have drop shipping"

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  • CG Skateboards

    CG Skateboards

    • Bicycles and Skateboards

    "I ordered something from cgskateboards.com on February 14th and never saw it a month later, it took me days to get ahold of apparently the guy who runs this website because apparently he can just text customers back, never in..."

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  • Bike Nashbar

    Bike Nashbar

    • Bicycles and Skateboards

    "Ordered bicycle pedal from Bike Nashbar to be shipped to me in Afghanistan. After 9 days and no word from them I emailed and asked them the status of my order. They replied that they took 4-6 weeks for APO/FPO shipments. I..."

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