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  • Rocky Mountain Bicycles

    Rocky Mountain Bicycles

    1.0 (1 review)
    • Bicycles and Skateboards
    • www.bikes.com

    "I ordered a Rocky Mount tumbler. Back at the end of January beginning of February. I never received my order. I called about two weeks ago the lady said she was going to send me another one. Then I turned around and called last..."

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  • Road Bike Outlet

    Road Bike Outlet

    • Bicycles and Skateboards

    "I bought a bicycle from Road Bike Outlet (RBO) after finding them on eBay. Upon arrival it had a bad bottom bracket. I had the bike shop that diagnosed the problem repack/rebuild the bottom bracket.

    When I contacted RBO, regarding..."

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  • PhunkeeDuck


    1.3 (1 review)
    • Bicycles and Skateboards
    • phunkeeduck.com

    "Phunkee Duck is a reincarnation of Phunkee Tree - They had to change their name because they do not stand behind their products. This is the second time (or perhaps there are more than this)
    I urge extreme caution. You will get rip..."

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  • Outspokin Bicycles

    Outspokin Bicycles

    • Bicycles and Skateboards
    • www.outspokin.net

    "Recently I took a bike to this establishment because they were VERY close to my home and I believe in patronizing small businesses as opposed to the corperate chains who treat ya like a number. ANYWAY...I needed a simple rear tube..."

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  • Ola Bike Tulum

    Ola Bike Tulum

    2.0 (1 review)
    • Bicycles and Skateboards
    • www.olabiketulum.com

    "I booked an Ola bike.
    Its bill detail from Gurgaon to Faridabad was Rs 372.
    But it charged me 500.
    128 to be refunded."

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  • NBX Bikes

    NBX Bikes

    1.0 (1 review)
    • Bicycles and Skateboards
    • www.nbxbikes.com

    "Brought my wife and my bikes in for a complete servicing include tire tube replacements in mid August. Went to ride bike 2 days later and back tire was flat. Took it back and got it fixed at no charge (but couldn’t bring the bike..."

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  • Nashbar


    3.0 (1 review)
    • Bicycles and Skateboards
    • www.nashbar.com

    "Try to call got a number that doesn't work.
    I get stuff from you guys, don't make me go elsewhere."

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  • MX Bike Shop LLC

    MX Bike Shop LLC

    1.0 (1 review)
    • Bicycles and Skateboards
    • www.mxbikeshop.com

    "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Worst Company EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This bike shop charged me 100 dollars to diagnose each bike.
    I paid them 200 dollars for 2 bikes..
    I told them that my phone wasn't number was only getting text..
    after 2..."

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  • Mate Bike

    Mate Bike

    1.2 (1 review)
    • Bicycles and Skateboards
    • mate.bike

    "After supporting their Indiegogo project, and placing a large order, Mate Bike had several delays until any bikes would be shipped. After the 3rd delay or so, the time frame that we would ever possibly receive the bikes was too lo..."

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  • Lumpy Bikes Peterborough

    Lumpy Bikes Peterborough

    • Bicycles and Skateboards
    • www.geocities.ws

    "I look up Kijiji a lot and go threw the mountain bike part and keep seeing this place called Lumpy Bikes in Peterborough Ont I messaged this guy named Wilbur asking if he had any old 80's, 90's`style mountain bike frames he did..."

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