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  • Pepsi


    2.3 (317 reviews)
    • Beverages
    • www.pepsi.com

    "Request for refrigerator open new Shop on 1 September 2021 your sales team refrigerator not Given plz contact 958244****"

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  • Amora Coffee

    Amora Coffee

    1.8 (404 reviews)
    • Beverages
    • www.amoracoffee.com

    "HappyI need to cancel my order for a refund of a 1.00 please somehow it was accidentally ordered, I need a refund. Thanks your customer. Sincerely"

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  • Dr Pepper

    Dr Pepper

    2.4 (218 reviews)
    • Beverages
    • www.drpepper.com

    "Over the last twenty years I've purchased and enjoyed Dr. pepper soft drinks. But the last [3] Diet 36 can cases purchased from Costco were defective . bad taste, can coating was the flavor of the drink. All of the cans were bad..."

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  • Monster Energy

    Monster Energy

    3.0 (163 reviews)
    • Beverages
    • www.monsterenergy.com

    "2 half empty cans of tea + lemonade in my rehab mixed case purchased from Sam's Club. I would appreciate a response."

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  • Arizona Beverages

    Arizona Beverages

    2.1 (139 reviews)
    • Beverages
    • www.drinkarizona.com

    "Bought a 12 pack of Green tea and it was a vinegar after taste that stays in the mouth. I drink this stuff religiously and this is the first time I have encountered this. What caused it to taste that way and could i get sick?"

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  • Anheuser Busch

    Anheuser Busch

    2.4 (115 reviews)
    • Beverages
    • www.anheuser-busch.com

    "The bud light seltzer flavors were horrible not anything like the bud light seltzer black cherry that I enjoyed and was delicious"

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  • Coca Cola

    Coca Cola

    2.2 (111 reviews)
    • Beverages
    • www.coca-cola.com

    "Trying to get on your Coca Cola team very eager determined hard worker been trying for 3months so please give me a call at (573)275-**** you can also reach me at AnthonyMosley84@***.com thank you for checking"

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  • Folgers


    1.6 (100 reviews)
    • Beverages
    • www.folgerscoffee.com

    "The singer's voice on the commercial is strident and does not leave a positive response for your product."

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  • Miller Brewing Company

    Miller Brewing Company

    2.6 (87 reviews)
    • Beverages
    • www.millercoors.com

    "Why do I have to buy Miller Lite with the Dallas Cowboys football team all over the packaging?? It may be Americas team, but not everyone that drinks Miller Lite are fans!! How about a choice? Thank you"

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  • Poland Spring

    Poland Spring

    1.9 (92 reviews)
    • Beverages
    • www.polandspring.com

    "Tried for one hour to reschedule a delivery.
    Because I was not on my registered phone number, had to process through automated menu only. System kept hanging up, without resolution. I will be cancelling our subscription because. Li..."

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