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  • MyPillow


    1.8 (2306 reviews)
    • Bed and Bath
    • www.mypillow.com

    "I purchased the "new product" "My Slippers". It took two weeks for fulfillment. The first pair did not fit. The web portal does not facilitate returns or exchanges. I called customer service &;;;;;;;;;; the recording..."

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  • Mattress Firm

    Mattress Firm

    1.8 (635 reviews)
    • Bed and Bath
    • www.mattressfirm.com

    "How can reach anyone to help me I feed out countless of your forms your customer service is not that it is customer *** Now I am stopping the complete one threw my bank
    Anita Riley"

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  • Sleep Number

    Sleep Number

    1.8 (725 reviews)
    • Bed and Bath
    • www.sleepnumber.com

    "My husband ordered the package for the bed online, nowhere on the online order form did it say that certain pieces were non-refundable or not returnable. The headboard which came with the bed is considered a final sale. Again the..."

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  • Glacier Bay Products

    Glacier Bay Products

    2.6 (304 reviews)
    • Bed and Bath

    "My kitchen faucet turns on by itself seconds after I shut it off.mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    That's all I have to say. Can you fix my problem or should I go to BBB.

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  • TempurPedic


    1.8 (138 reviews)
    • Bed and Bath
    • www.tempurpedic.com

    "The foam gets warm and you wake up with back pain, it becomes chronic. Terrible product only appearance."

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  • Mattress One

    Mattress One

    1.7 (230 reviews)
    • Bed and Bath
    • www.mattress1.com

    "I'm reciving collect calls on a mattress I've never had, only checked on the mattress in store. NEVER BOUGHT IT!!!"

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  • Serta


    1.7 (90 reviews)
    • Bed and Bath
    • www.serta.com

    "I bought 2 o your pillows that said they won't flatten 2 months ago. And now I have to go find new pillows because yours flattened and I was a big fan of your products."

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  • Biddeford Blankets

    Biddeford Blankets

    1.8 (181 reviews)
    • Bed and Bath
    • biddefordblankets.com

    "Bought it for a December birthday gift. About 100 days it stopped heating. The store won't accept a return after 90 days."

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  • Simmons Bedding Company

    Simmons Bedding Company

    1.9 (54 reviews)
    • Bed and Bath
    • www.simmons.com

    A year and a half ago I purchased a double mattress and a massage chair from the Simmons company in Israel.
    I decided to buy from Simmons company knowing that it is a big and old company with a world name and that I will recei..."

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  • Original Mattress Factory

    Original Mattress Factory

    2.1 (94 reviews)
    • Bed and Bath
    • www.originalmattress.com

    "This mattress looks like it is 20 years old. The store does not back up the mattress. They sent us a piece of foam and told us to flip the mattress every 3 months. After reading the reviews on the internet, I have found out that..."

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