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    1.9 (1 review)
    • Beauty Salons and Spas

    "Huge waste of money. I bought a Grouponf for 6 laser hair removal treatments, but after completing all 6 I only have about 10-15% hair reduction. The customer service agent suggested that I purchase 6 more, however I'm not..."

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  • Venus Mini Med Spa

    Venus Mini Med Spa

    2.2 (19 reviews)
    • Beauty Salons and Spas
    • venusminimedspa.com

    "In 10+ years, I have NEVER had such a bad experience. WASTE OF MONEY. I had all three areas done before Christmas. I needed a touch-up and had one with zero change in results. I called and explained that the touch-up did..."

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  • Tan Pro

    Tan Pro

    1.9 (23 reviews)
    • Beauty Salons and Spas
    • www.tanprousa.com

    "I haven't worn a mask in here at all, then all of a sudden I come in an tell me to leave I need a mask, like ok well I didn't bring one do you have one for me since you are wanting me to wear it, says no an for me to leave, they..."

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  • Brow Art 23

    Brow Art 23

    1.5 (19 reviews)
    • Beauty Salons and Spas
    • www.browart23.com

    "The women that did my brows was rude and rough. Leila Ebrahimi
    needs to find another job. I have two spots with a rash below my
    eyebrows, it was more painful than usual.
    I have been going to Citrus Park Brow Art for a couple of years..."

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  • Skin Vitality

    Skin Vitality

    1.5 (29 reviews)
    • Beauty Salons and Spas
    • www.skinvitality.ca

    "Was told I was a good candidate for cool sculpting which was a lie. They just wanted to take my money. After the first session I waited 6 months and no change. They offered me a second session and 6 months later no change. The..."

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  • Slimline Clinic

    Slimline Clinic

    1.0 (1 review)
    • Beauty Salons and Spas

    "Hello, I would like to comment on the review above as the owner of the company. With the laser treatment we do put a machine over the area of hair loss (normally the head area) with the comment mysterious machine we do have..."

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  • Planet Beach

    Planet Beach

    1.3 (17 reviews)
    • Beauty Salons and Spas
    • planetbeach.com

    "They have billed me twice for a full year once in 2014 and once on 2017. I have not been there since 2013 moved out of state and canceled my membership."

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  • Advanced Hair Studio Uk

    Advanced Hair Studio Uk

    3.1 (12 reviews)
    • Beauty Salons and Spas
    • www.advancedhair.uk

    "Advanced hair studio is a con.how there still allowed to charge what they do an take thousands from people.the monoxidil they sell u can buy it much cheaper.the stimulating heat they put on u r head does nothing. And if u want..."

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  • Halo Hair Extensions

    Halo Hair Extensions

    1.5 (12 reviews)
    • Beauty Salons and Spas
    • www.halohairextensions.com

    "I was screwed by this company. They keep sending products that I did not authorize. Asked to return products for refund and am getting nothing but the "run around"!"

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  • HairMasters


    1.4 (14 reviews)
    • Beauty Salons and Spas
    • www.hairmasterssalon.com

    "Twice they have charged both my husband and I 30 bucks for a simple fade with nothing off the top. We didnt get shampooed and walked out of HAIRMASTERS paying $70 for clipper cuts. Shouldve been $24 each, which is also..."

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