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  • Bank Of Baroda

    Bank Of Baroda

    2.0 (118 reviews)
    • Banks
    • www.bankofbaroda.in

    "Have a fixed deposit at Kothamdi bank of Baroda Navsari Gujarat state now i do not wanted to keep extending so i wanted that deposit banked to my saving account we did kyc form through bank here at Auckland send to india 18..."

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  • GO2bank


    1.5 (217 reviews)
    • Banks
    • www.go2bank.com

    "I was supposed to receive a check on one of my cards that I couldn't activate after I had put money on it . I didn't realize it wasn't activated I spoke with someone saying we couldn't activate and he return my money with a check..."

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  • Ge Money Bank

    Ge Money Bank

    1.3 (17 reviews)
    • Banks

    "Very bad experience for customer services I have process for noc til date not receved I have complain next time in RBI pls request to forward my bike noc
    Vijay yadav

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  • Huntington Bank

    Huntington Bank

    1.6 (295 reviews)
    • Banks
    • www.huntington.com

    "I went to Huntington Bank on 493 Torrence Ave Calumet City, IL60409 to make deposit I give my checks to Patricia Alvar Banker, I give her my ID and my Bank Card, she gives me the receipt. When I check the receipt, my balance was..."

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  • Merrick Bank

    Merrick Bank

    1.6 (242 reviews)
    • Banks
    • merrickbank.com

    "I have a Merrick Bank credit card and I am currently residing in Belize, Central America. My mailing address and my Bank - US Bank is in Milwaukee, where my pension funds etc are direct deposited every month.
    This morning, I attemp..."

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  • ICICI Bank

    ICICI Bank

    1.6 (125 reviews)
    • Banks
    • www.icicibank.com

    "My ICIC I account is showing as froze when Im doing transaction . Can you please unfroze my account immediately"

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  • Discover Bank

    Discover Bank

    1.7 (194 reviews)
    • Banks
    • www.discover.com

    "Just had my account closed due to missing a deadline for identity verification. I called after my card was declined and they said it had been canceled 3 days prior. Ive had the card for more than 10 years. I didnt receive a..."

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  • First Convenience Bank

    First Convenience Bank

    1.4 (203 reviews)
    • Banks
    • www.1stcb.com

    "This bank sucks. I need an increase in daily spending and they are CLOSED! What do I do when I need to purchase something greater than my limit? Call the bank? They are CLOSED???"

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  • Flagstar Bank

    Flagstar Bank

    1.4 (117 reviews)
    • Banks
    • www.flagstar.com

    "My home burned down and I had to give my entire insurance check to Flagstar to rebuild. They lost the money by placing it in the wrong account and now will not pay me for expenses totaling $17,500 that I paid out of pocket. I..."

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  • Access Bank

    Access Bank

    2.4 (57 reviews)
    • Banks
    • www.accessbankplc.com

    "Some messages comes in to my inbox from access someone call me to dictate the otp that comes in with messages to him"

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