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  • GoBank


    1.5 (1,679 reviews)
    • Banks

    "J Abrego Hernandez is using my physical address to open an account. A credit card arrived here today"

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  • Chase Bank

    Chase Bank

    1.7 (933 reviews)
    • Banks

    "I am an IHSS caregiver. I received nine checks of back pay for my recipient who was at the time a Chase customer. My daughter passed away in Colorado, and I live in California. I received these checks while not having a bank..."

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  • Bank Of America

    Bank Of America

    1.7 (882 reviews)
    • Banks

    "I forgot to send my friend the new bank account number, so he sent money to me through the old bank account, which I want to move into the new bank account so that I can receive it. Thanks."

    Read All 2331 reviews Customer Service
  • Capital One

    Capital One

    1.7 (863 reviews)
    • Banks

    "Terrible customer service by phone and by social media representatives. Unauthorized payments twice unresolved."

    Read All 2113 reviews Customer Service
  • Varo Money

    Varo Money

    1.8 (788 reviews)
    • Banks

    "My name is Tina Wiley my account was suspended and my funds are in my account. I been emailing you all and I havent received an response."

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  • Kuda Microfinance Bank

    Kuda Microfinance Bank

    2.9 (275 reviews)
    • Banks

    "I want them to reset my transaction pin. I've already misplaced the phone number that I used to create the account and now I want to add a new number. This app isn't saying anything, which is utterly ridiculous."

    Read All 1783 reviews Customer Service
  • First Bank Of Nigeria

    First Bank Of Nigeria

    2.6 (204 reviews)
    • Banks

    "I mistakenly transfer 10k to this account Oluwasegun Oluwaseyi Salako. 308577****. First Bank
    I want it retrieved back to my account"

    Read All 1441 reviews Customer Service
  • Metabank


    1.4 (571 reviews)
    • Banks

    "My card is locked I need it unlocked please and it’s a error with logging in online please help I need my card unlocked"

    Read All 1403 reviews Customer Service
  • Synchrony Bank

    Synchrony Bank

    1.4 (822 reviews)
    • Banks

    "I went on my Amazon account today and I found out that they mailed me a check because they processed the double payment. Where is their communication? Dont they have any communication skills? Is there any reason why these people..."

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  • PNC Bank

    PNC Bank

    1.5 (428 reviews)
    • Banks

    "There is a charge for 937 on my account that shouldn't be there. The Bridge payment is okay for the 245 because my hundred-dollar payment was returned for some reason. I'm very confused as to why this charge is on my account."

    Read All 866 reviews Customer Service