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  • 23andMe


    1.7 (59 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • www.23andme.com

    "Trouble from beginning with them long time to get results and then didn't honor referrals excuses after excuses no customer service at all use another companyno"

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  • MyHeritage


    2.1 (60 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • www.myheritage.com

    "called weeks ago and the rep said I would receive a call back within one to seven days. Well it never happened. I want a refund. I used them once and never received the information I requested. Not being a computer guru I found..."

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  • PeopleWhiz


    1.4 (53 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • www.peoplewhiz.com

    "Thy lure you in with free or cheap prices then put you on auto payments without your knowledge. They outright lied to me."

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  • Spokeo


    1.4 (43 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • www.spokeo.com

    "My information was wrong and because of it it's hard to find a job . I truelly want to get them for defamation of character"

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  • FamilyTreeNow


    1.5 (32 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • www.familytreenow.com

    "I keep getting access denied.
    Unable to opt out.
    Please help!
    Need more information!
    They are not reliable and have poor ratings."

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  • TruePeopleSearch


    1.1 (22 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • www.truepeoplesearch.com

    "I have been charge twice for this site of which I know nothing about and I want my monies returned back to my account."

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  • Peekyou


    1.1 (22 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • www.peekyou.com

    "To whom it concerns, first off whoever this person is they are using my email please resolve this. Thank you"

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  • USA People Search

    USA People Search

    1.5 (13 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • www.usa-people-search.com

    "I already canceled my subscription n my account n my trial with you guys! So, it has all been canceled, right?!? Call me please 682 364 ****."

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  • Fieldprint


    1.5 (28 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • www.fieldprint.com

    "Could not get a refund because there is no one to speak with to get a refund from. The company never answers the phone. And they do not return emails or voicemails. I am sending my complaint to the governor office as well. This..."

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  • Public Record Spy

    Public Record Spy

    1.0 (6 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • www.publicrecordspy.com

    "They do not respond to any removal requests. Absolute loser site. Do not place your trust in this website or ever give them a credit card number or personal information!"

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