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  • Instant Checkmate

    Instant Checkmate

    1.7 (145 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • www.instantcheckmate.com

    "Bad company bad company!!! bad news bad news No good no good bad company bad company bad company No good"

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  • Truth Finder

    Truth Finder

    1.7 (94 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • www.truthfinder.com

    "The whole search is *** it had stuff on there about me I had no clue about
    Bunch of crap the site"

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  • Net Detective

    Net Detective

    1.6 (42 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • www.netdetective.com

    "Purchased membership, database does not work at all. Meaning, that it brings you to "Teaser Page". Does not allow you to run searches etc.
    SCAM Do Not USE. (They used to be very reliable now they are not)"

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  • Nuwber


    1.1 (69 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • nuwber.com

    "It appears that their attempt to gather public information failed miserably.
    They have confused 2 different people with similar public info.
    This is a terrible situation in that the other person could easily be of ill repute casting..."

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  • Golookup


    3.6 (59 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • golookup.com

    "Hello Rebecca! We have carefully reviewed your account and found no charges nor activities since it was cancelled on January 31, 2019. Rest assured that we will keep this account inactive and we sincerely apologize for the..."

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  • Mugshots


    1.6 (41 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • mugshots.com

    "Ts not going to be added to the club I was looking for somebody and got added with out knowing and it took like 44 dollars I can't do that I'm on disability and can't afford to join anything like that"

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  • ID True

    ID True

    1.3 (67 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • www.idtrue.com

    "I suscribed but I couldnt find the points I was looking for a person so I unsubscribed but your company is still charging me on my credit card. You dont have customer for 24 hours to confirm the cancellation. I had one charged..."

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  • 800notes


    3.1 (49 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • 800notes.com

    "800notes.com used to be a decent website, with some information for people to research about those wonderful telemarketing calls. As we all know, telemarketing calls have increased exponentially over the past decade. It seems..."

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  • Radaris


    1.1 (39 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • radaris.com

    "Radaris, owned by Bitsellers Experts Limited, steals personal information from online cookies. Your information will be sold worldwide to people or companies without your knowledge or permission.
    I am a UK resident and I sued Bitse..."

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  • BeenVerified


    1.2 (47 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • www.beenverified.com

    "It is important that I continue this and I do not want anyone invading my privacy. I' m asking you not to sell my information."

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