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Background and People Search
  • VitalChek


    3.0 (1,207 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • www.vitalchek.com

    "Requested a birth certificate. They provided a bogus birth certificate that only included information that I supplied to them. They provided supposedly a birth certificate that did not include a middle name. I want my money back...."

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  • Whoeasy


    2.5 (372 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • www.whoeasy.com

    "I'm being charged for your services which I have no idea what they are or what u do or how it even got started please get back to me asap. My number is 778814****"

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  • Mylife


    1.2 (324 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • www.mylife.com

    "I asked that the term not to be renewed, but it was! I am very unhappy about it! I want it to be fixed immediately!"

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  • CheckPeople


    1.4 (318 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • www.checkpeople.com

    "They are very good at deflecting your questions. Never a straight answer. They want to forward you to some else or another email group."

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  • Peoplefinders


    1.3 (159 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • www.peoplefinders.com

    "I called him and he sent me home phone because I cannot get any information they and wanted terriblt"

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  • Intelius


    1.4 (61 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • www.intelius.com

    "I've just paid the initial amount of .95 for two reports, with no results at all. If I can find where to do it I am going to cancel this subscription.. I can see this is going to be a lot more trouble than it's worth."

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  • Ancestry


    1.6 (201 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • www.ancestry.com

    "I canceled my membership in August 2019 it is now August 2021 theyve been charging my credit card this whole time. I called and get no response I put on an internal hold twice finally I get to the main manager or the supervisor...."

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  • Peoplesmart


    2.8 (27 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • www.peoplesmart.com

    "I just tried logging into my PeopleSmart Account and was told that ownership was transferred to BeenVerified and that my subscription was cancelled. The issue is that I renewed my yearly subscription on March 4th and it does not e..."

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  • Instant Checkmate

    Instant Checkmate

    3.0 (143 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • www.instantcheckmate.com

    "The lookup service is basically good but the automatic subscription renewal is not obvious. If you don't cancel the subscription after the first use they will continue charging your payment method until you cancel. Most..."

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  • Checkr


    1.3 (70 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • checkr.com

    "Know one ever responded to me. Pretty crappy!!!!! I took the time to reach out to correct what I feel is a error and nothing from yall."

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