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  • VitalChek


    2.9 (1,873 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • www.vitalchek.com

    "Unfortunately took over a month to receive, and had a difficult time getting a hold of anyone for status updates."

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  • Checkr


    1.4 (743 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • checkr.com

    "After working for Instacart for two years, they sent a message saying a background was being ran again on me. Checkr completed my background and some information needed to be updated on their end. I contacted them by email,..."

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  • Whitepages


    1.3 (857 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • www.whitepages.com

    "I canceled in January and I still got charged Im pissed. It caused me a overdraft fee and you dont get reimbursed if"

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  • Whoeasy


    1.2 (376 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • www.whoeasy.com

    "Charged my Discover card for 5 years for service I did not sign up for. Their supposed customer service phone numbers are bogus."

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  • Mylife


    1.2 (402 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • www.mylife.com

    "I am still waiting for a response and a refund. I do nor recomend this service they also had many incorrect things about me,do not use this service they post incorrect information about you.Do not use this service."

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  • CheckPeople


    1.4 (405 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • www.checkpeople.com

    "I want to cancel this subscription. I used this service once or twice but I DID NOT want a subscription. I tried calling customer service number but never got anywhere."

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  • Find A Grave

    Find A Grave

    1.9 (199 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • www.findagrave.com

    "Graveyard Thieves and Bullies fill this Find a Grave Website
    as I got my on Find a Grave to build Memorials for my Deceased Family to Honor them & remember my Beloved.
    But as these other not Nice Gravers pounce on you then Harass yo..."

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  • Peoplefinders


    1.2 (167 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • www.peoplefinders.com

    "Noticed billing every month since September 2023. I did not subscribe to your service, do not use it. Please stop billing immediately."

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  • Intelius


    1.6 (87 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • www.intelius.com

    "I need a refund asap. My name is juanita Lynn mcclurg
    I have done some research and found out this info.
    Account name Stacy sorrell
    Email mcclurglynn1969@***.com.
    Act # 18656****
    Pin 61867
    I didn't request this service and I don't know..."

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  • Ancestry


    1.7 (250 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • www.ancestry.com

    "No return address for outside USA and Chat unable to answer the simplest question about how to send in the sample kit from Europe. I am very unsatisfied with this service. Such an obvious question should have been foreseen from..."

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