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  • VitalChek


    3.1 (1,252 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • www.vitalchek.com

    "They just knocked on the door and left it on the porch without having me sign. Why in the world did I pay an absolutely outrageous price to have it delivered securely if its not what happened. All the tracking said signature..."

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  • Whoeasy


    2.5 (372 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • www.whoeasy.com

    "Stole money for two years from my disability account. Won't talk to me or return my calls. I want a full refund for $1,000."

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  • Mylife


    1.2 (325 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • www.mylife.com

    "Wrong information about me. been married for 31 years and they have me down as single. also, other info that is not true."

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  • CheckPeople


    1.4 (323 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • www.checkpeople.com

    "Charging extra for *** Money better be cal in my account. None of this makes sense. Give me my money"

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  • Peoplefinders


    1.3 (159 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • www.peoplefinders.com

    "Ive been charged by the. People finders agency and I did not order this Ive no clue what its even for and I would like a full refund in the amount of
    As well as a cancellation If this is a recurring issue."

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  • Intelius


    1.4 (63 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • www.intelius.com

    "Your system gets hacked, and who knows if someone is talking to who hey think there talking too.anyone can access."

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  • Ancestry


    1.6 (202 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • www.ancestry.com

    "Having problems logging on. I was directed to call customer service. When I called, they said it was a 30 minute (UNACCEPTABLE) wait. They gave me the options to chat. I took the chat option. I've not had a response for 50 minutes..."

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  • Peoplesmart


    2.8 (27 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • www.peoplesmart.com

    "I just tried logging into my PeopleSmart Account and was told that ownership was transferred to BeenVerified and that my subscription was cancelled. The issue is that I renewed my yearly subscription on March 4th and it does not e..."

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  • Instant Checkmate

    Instant Checkmate

    3.0 (143 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • www.instantcheckmate.com

    "Worst ever. They didnt know any information about anyone. I dont kmow whybit says theye best company."

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  • Checkr


    1.3 (112 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • checkr.com

    "I submitted my application on fourth of October but I did not receive my approval. Please call me and let me know what is the reason that my background check is not completed if you need any information please email or call me dir..."

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