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  • Volkswagen


    1.6 (22 reviews)
    • Auto
    • www.volkswagen.com

    "When is Takata going to ship the repair parts? Seems that no dealer in the world has them. Force delivery or never use their air bag again.

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  • Kinro


    1.4 (26 reviews)
    • Auto
    • www.kinro.com

    "I bought a new modular home with Kinro windows and a kinro patio slider. After 2 years, 60% of the windows had a haze that I could not get off. Only to find out the glazing was defective and they only have a 1 year warranty! STAY..."

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  • Buick


    1.8 (16 reviews)
    • Auto
    • www.buick.com

    "very disappointed with buicks warranty coverage. its worthless. i will never buy another buick or from the gm family. misleading sales agents lied to me at the time of purchase promising coverage that is not covered. a dishonest..."

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  • Autotrader


    1.5 (24 reviews)
    • Auto
    • www.autotrader.com

    "My only complaint to Autotrader was I called last Tuesday to remove my car ad. Autotrader said it would be taken down in a few days. I called today to remove my ad. It all worked out."

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  • Newmar


    2.4 (25 reviews)
    • Auto
    • www.newmarcorp.com

    "My ODO reset from 13800 miles to 0. I called Newmar and they told me to call Frightliner. Frightliner parts said the part to repair the ODO is $812. This is a common problem and should be paid for by Newmar. Charles Schrump"

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  • Ford Protect

    Ford Protect

    1.4 (29 reviews)
    • Auto
    • fordprotect.ford.com

    "Our new Alante 27A Motorhome has engine problem and no Ford outlet in entire Seattle Metro area will accept vehicle for repair. Nobody wants to work on Class A motorhomes, or don't have the necessary equipment. We have letters to..."

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  • Peterbilt


    1.6 (12 reviews)
    • Auto
    • www.peterbilt.com

    "I have a 201* *** Peterbilt. Truck stays in the shop &,I only have about 400k miles on it but when I purchased it, it had about 380k miles.At present it is in the shop. Every time it goes into the shop, I am responsible to..."

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  • Infiniti


    2.0 (15 reviews)
    • Auto
    • www.infiniti.com

    "Infiniti is fully aware that the cvt transmissions are flawed. I have had two in the same JX35. The first transmission failed at 90,000 miles and its replacement has now failed at 70,000 miles. Infiniti will do absolutely nothing..."

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  • Suzuki Motor of America

    Suzuki Motor of America

    1.2 (5 reviews)
    • Auto
    • www.suzuki.com

    "The paint is peeling back on the cowl this motor has only 60 hours on it and it is kept mainly under cover i bought the entire boat brand new from Duvics in Harvey Louisiana i have been reaching out to several dealers with no succ..."

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  • Nation Safe Drivers

    Nation Safe Drivers

    1.2 (25 reviews)
    • Auto
    • www.nationsafedrivers.com

    "On August 22, 2021, Nation Safe Drivers sent Commerce Towing company to tow my vehicle, My car was towed to Pepboys for a loose battery. My vehicle was making an loud noise.. They put my car on a lift, showed me an large crack..."

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