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  • AM Auto Parts

    AM Auto Parts

    2.4 (156 reviews)
    • Auto Parts and Accessories
    • www.am-autoparts.com

    "Receiving the wrong parts cost me more out of pocket to fix my car at a time when I didn't have it. Repairing my car to leave to get to my terminal ill mother. So I very not happy & need a refund immediately."

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  • Lkq Corporation

    Lkq Corporation

    1.6 (162 reviews)
    • Auto Parts and Accessories
    • www.lkqcorp.com

    "The manager Elsa say I throw water on her car with that is not true they dont want me to let it in anymore because supposedly I throw water on his car and thats not true because I dont know I dont know which car they drive And I..."

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  • EverStart


    1.8 (165 reviews)
    • Auto Parts and Accessories
    • www.battfinder.com

    "The whole warranty procedure is stupid even with a receipt everyone at Walmart has no idea whats going on they tell you to call a number the person on the phone says go to Walmart to exchange it . Nothing but wasted time and..."

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  • ProTuningLab


    1.5 (164 reviews)
    • Auto Parts and Accessories
    • www.protuninglab.com

    "Ordered aftermarket taillights for my truck. I recieved the item no problem, in good condition. Unfortunately, I dont like the lights I recieved. Maybe my fault for not noticing in the pics online, nonetheless, I wanted to return..."

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  • Goodyear


    1.7 (98 reviews)
    • Auto Parts and Accessories
    • www.goodyear.com

    "This Jonathan Hinton I made a order threw yall with affirm to buy new tires I dropped my car off at Goodyear today is Saturday but I guess they order the wrong size tires for my car now I have to cancel my order threw yall so..."

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  • Car Toys

    Car Toys

    1.6 (108 reviews)
    • Auto Parts and Accessories
    • www.cartoys.com

    "purchased a used vehicle earlier in July. Of course the stock stereo and speakers leave something to be desired, especially when one likes loud, clear music. I have used Car Toys a number of times in the past with minimal issues...."

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  • MRF Tyres

    MRF Tyres

    1.4 (85 reviews)
    • Auto Parts and Accessories
    • www.mrftyres.com

    "I have purchased new car alto k10 in jun 2019 and car wears tyres of Mrf wo full gye hai and they are in warranty period so do neccessary action for that"

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  • Discounted Wheel Warehouse

    Discounted Wheel Warehouse

    1.7 (89 reviews)
    • Auto Parts and Accessories
    • www.discountedwheelwarehouse.com

    "Need tracking number for tires I ordered."

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  • Corvette Mods

    Corvette Mods

    1.5 (125 reviews)
    • Auto Parts and Accessories
    • www.corvettemods.com

    "I ordered (2) Corvette 1968-**** Sure-Gripper Fender Covers and only received (1) in a Fender Gripper box which was in a Corvette MODS medium Flat rate. box. Order #AB-416296 ,Ref No 418157"

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  • Jasper Engines And Transmissions

    Jasper Engines And Transmissions

    1.9 (63 reviews)
    • Auto Parts and Accessories
    • www.jasperengines.com

    "New Jasper transmission in October 2020 started slipping been in shop for 2 months and still not ready warranty is a pile of st"

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