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  • Shopee Malaysia

    Shopee Malaysia

    2.0 (456 reviews)
    • Auctions and Marketplaces
    • shopee.com.my

    "kenapa banyak kali i forgot shopee pay pasword bila buat banyak kali tak lepas2 ehhh? i nak transfer duit shopee pay tu dekat kwn"

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  • Amazon Canada

    Amazon Canada

    2.5 (493 reviews)
    • Auctions and Marketplaces
    • www.amazon.ca

    "It's been more than 2 weeks my account got suspended and I sent all the required documents and they deducted money as well but no answer."

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  • Banggood


    1.9 (436 reviews)
    • Auctions and Marketplaces
    • www.banggood.com

    "Have spent many hours trying to make contact with Banggood without any success. My problem is not with the cell phones, but the poor customer service provided to the consumer. Wish Banggood was more
    consumer friendly and use Amazon..."

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  • The Jt Store

    The Jt Store

    3.0 (301 reviews)
    • Auctions and Marketplaces
    • www.thejtstore.com

    "Order #1781**** order in 27.05.2020 product still not received no update unable to contact need assistance ASAP"

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  • Gearbubble


    1.8 (284 reviews)
    • Auctions and Marketplaces
    • www.gearbubble.com

    "Received item today is not the way I ordered it It was supposed to be on front of shirt and you guys put it on the back of the shirt please contact me at 586-213-**** and I would like a refund or it done the right way"

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  • Platos Closet

    Platos Closet

    1.6 (352 reviews)
    • Auctions and Marketplaces
    • www.platoscloset.com

    "I walked into the store to sell some item when I heard the lead manager Daisy tell another employee Emily that she only likes working with her because the other little" stupid b******" don't know how to work the system. I thought..."

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  • Ioffer


    1.6 (71 reviews)
    • Auctions and Marketplaces
    • www.ioffer.com

    "I get scam by someone on offer up selling phones and laptop her name is kays apple she joined October 2020.newyork ny I was scam $650 fr yesterday she is to ship the item but now she not responding to me please I need help"

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  • Lazada Singapore

    Lazada Singapore

    1.9 (248 reviews)
    • Auctions and Marketplaces
    • www.lazada.sg

    "Actually-I order one time to buy bay blade and after that I check the details that they deduct two times .So,pls cancel one and another one keep it Dor delivery n those one cancel-pls return back money .
    Thats all"

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  • Bonanza


    1.7 (273 reviews)
    • Auctions and Marketplaces
    • www.bonanza.com

    I ordered Granitestone Blue Nonstick 20 Piece Cookware and Bakeware Set - Brand New from raide_6643. I was charged and now when I want to track my order it shows error. I'm not sure what is going on but I want my money and no..."

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  • Vinted


    1.8 (240 reviews)
    • Auctions and Marketplaces
    • www.vinted.com

    "I have received an email to say that I have sold a product. It says go to message thread to get details of the purchaser. I cant log in in. It asks for my user for which I have tried entering both my email address and the name..."

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