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  • Medium Aida Switzerland

    Medium Aida Switzerland

    1.7 (1 review)
    • Astrology
    • aidamedium.ch

    "BullshitAlles erlogen !!!! Man wird nur abgezockt bekommen tut man hier gar nichts als leere Versprechungen"

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  • Law Of Attraction Solutions

    Law Of Attraction Solutions

    1.3 (2 reviews)
    • Astrology
    • lawofattractionsolutions.com

    "I ordered a success and motivation program three months ago and never received it. Instead they gave me a password where I could log on to listen to videos but this is not what I paid $97 for. I was supposed to receive a complete..."

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  • Foxx Hollow

    Foxx Hollow

    1.7 (2 reviews)
    • Astrology
    • www.foxxhollow.net

    "I ordered something around last November or December. It has been one full year, and I still have not received what I ordered. It was supposed to only take a month, then a few months, now the date has been moved to January."

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  • Eileenangelreadings


    2.7 (2 reviews)
    • Astrology
    • www.eileenangelreadings.com

    "I don't know how to find the were my packages are and were there being delivered to my address or not can you please help me in some me something I know the money went out of my bank account for the items but that's all I know..."

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  • "I believe everything Mrs Graham says. I asked her about a man in my past if he will ever apologize to me. Immediately after she saw his picture on my smart phone she told me he is full of anger and doesn't know how to apologize. H..."

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  • Crystal Insight

    Crystal Insight

    • Astrology
    • www.crystal-insight.com

    "Don't go to this place! The owner Janet Merino and her husband stole a lot of money from me! Don't fall for all their spritual b.s.! They'll try to get you to buy candles, incense and crystals. They'll try and get a hook in you..."

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  • Маг Александр Корвум

    Маг Александр Корвум

    1.0 (1 review)
    • Astrology
    • taromagic.top

    "Обычный мошенник с Украины, который разводит на деньги. Не ведитесь, обходите стороной.
    Многие пытаются безуспешно вернуть деньги. Смотрите лучше передачу "Идущие к черту" - так как раз о таких как этот сашко!
    В 21 веке нужно понять..."

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  • YourAstrologyLanguage Com

    YourAstrologyLanguage Com

    1.0 (1 review)
    • Astrology
    • yourastrologylanguage.com

    "Everything that was offered was a complete scam. She sends repeated emails. Also just wants more money. Complete scam. I paid her $47 American dollars for crap."

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  • Wolfstar The Druid

    Wolfstar The Druid

    • Astrology
    • www.wolfstarthedruid.com

    "Wolfstar is a nasty cruddy old man who poses as a Rune Reader Magic Man and all he really does is destroy your faith and hope. He has a website that claims he gives proactive advice if you don’t like “what the Runes say” however m..."

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  • WitchesOfEurope Com

    WitchesOfEurope Com

    1.0 (1 review)
    • Astrology

    "Vrajitoarea Mihaela Minca - Anda Mihaiela - Casanndra Buzea - witchesofeurope.com Scammers
    These are another bunch of Romania gypsies with no real power.
    No results, over price and said 100% guarantee within 9 days to 30days.
    They ha..."

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