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  • Bethea Jenner Astrologer

    Bethea Jenner Astrologer

    2.4 (39 reviews)
    • Astrology
    • www.betheajenner.com

    "I been going through some financial stuff and it's like things starting to effect my home. Is it anything that will change"

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  • Tara Medium

    Tara Medium

    2.0 (38 reviews)
    • Astrology
    • tara-medium.com

    "I got a reaccuring payment from you guys for $4.98 i did not sign up for anything that would have a reaccuring payment if this could be checked into and fixed i would appreciate its not alot of money but it is mine and i was..."

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  • Asknow


    1.8 (44 reviews)
    • Astrology
    • www.asknow.com

    "This company is very expensive. they don't offer you packages to talk to masters so it ads up very quick. I have read with a couple of them my favorite is Devin Starlight I never talk to anyone so accurate, pretty impresive but..."

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  • Celeste Angel Medium

    Celeste Angel Medium

    1.9 (23 reviews)
    • Astrology
    • www.my-angel-reading.com

    "I clicked for a free reading and got an email from Celeste and at least 6 names sending the exact same message for the exact same ritual and offering a free talisman... By the way, the so-called Talisman is a screen image that..."

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  • CreepyHollows


    2.6 (10 reviews)
    • Astrology
    • www.creepyhollows.com

    "Believe me or not.
    I have brought 2 spirits and 3 entities from them.
    After getting a psychic reading for them...( mind you this psychic knew nothing about spirit companions.. We both figured out that none of them were what creepyho..."

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  • Sps Review Forum

    Sps Review Forum

    1.2 (14 reviews)
    • Astrology
    • spsreviewforum.com

    "I have read that forum from time to time over the last several years. I don't see how or why people are calling it a scam. **It doesn't sell anything!** The site doesn't ask for money and is an open forum for people to discuss..."

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  • Project Yourself Store

    Project Yourself Store

    1.6 (11 reviews)
    • Astrology
    • projectyourself.com

    "Yall keep trying to charge my bank account for a whole *** $149.95. I'm not subscribed to yall *** and id greatly appreciate yall taking me tf off yall list, site whatever in every way whatsoever!!!"

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  • 4biddenknowledge


    3.2 (7 reviews)
    • Astrology
    • www.4biddenknowledge.com

    "Purchased a book. I Accidentally missed a letter in my email. I have no way of contacting the merchant all #s are incorrect and no one is responding to the Instagram Direct messaging."

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  • Themagicvine


    2.0 (8 reviews)
    • Astrology
    • www.themagicvine.com

    "Ordered a genie lamp from them , it came n I followed all the instructions but never worked . They are not even replying to my emails"

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  • Hoodoo Delish

    Hoodoo Delish

    1.9 (7 reviews)
    • Astrology
    • hoodoodelish.com

    "I am contacting you about being a tester here in Pueblo Colorado for your new app it sounds very exciting and very easy to use which will be great for an old lady like me look forward to the back and forth with your bright soul!"

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