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  • Kasamba


    1.7 (135 reviews)
    • Astrology
    • www.kasamba.com

    "Ive been trying to cancel this account and am requesting a refund for the $700 I was charged even though I received no readings. I also want to cancel my account and expect no more charges to take place."

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  • Jenna Astrologer

    Jenna Astrologer

    2.7 (63 reviews)
    • Astrology
    • zodiacsoulmate.com

    "No astrologer is 100% correct, its probability after reading data which computer science is coming with sure shot answer in few years.
    She has predicted about my career 10 years before when I was struggling and what she mentioned ,..."

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  • Astromary


    2.2 (93 reviews)
    • Astrology
    • www.astromary.com

    "I signed up for the email, and was linked to a website that asked for $60 for a reading. My intuition pinged a bit, so I googled AstroMary reviews. Im glad I did. Many, many reports of people making a payment and not getting anyth..."

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  • Maria Duval

    Maria Duval

    3.0 (7 reviews)
    • Astrology
    • www.mariaduval.com

    "Hi this is Patricia. I used to stay on in Gary Indiana and I have been receiving your letters through mail and my new address is 33655.E Sahara Ave Apt.1071 Arcadia Palms Westland Apartments the old addresses that I used to live..."

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  • The Extraordinary Chris

    The Extraordinary Chris

    2.0 (64 reviews)
    • Astrology

    "Want money back because I am very unhappy. The email doesn't work and order number 580**** for refund this is bull and a scam and theft if I don't get my refund back I want to let everyone to stay away from this site..."

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  • Psychic Source

    Psychic Source

    2.2 (76 reviews)
    • Astrology
    • www.psychicsource.com

    "QAnd they keep get paid to monitor me and everything comes down to the thing that is the are psych and get paid to monitor to me. Hey dont do it hehey please dont monitor me because I hate you and you are a loser so dont monitor..."

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  • Ashra Spellcaster

    Ashra Spellcaster

    3.3 (80 reviews)
    • Astrology
    • www.ashra.net

    "I've spent over $2000 in standard spells, and nothings happened on my end.. What's worse is that she acts like you aren't allowed to post a negative, but honest review. Like if she sees this she'll be like oh, I don't want you to..."

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  • ESPchat


    1.7 (47 reviews)
    • Astrology
    • www.espchat.com

    "My name is Joyce Boateng and I live in Belgium and costumer of dreams .my money was deducted by edreams"

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  • Saral Vaastu

    Saral Vaastu

    2.8 (66 reviews)
    • Astrology
    • www.saralvaastu.com

    "સભળત નથ તમણ અમર પરશન મર સર મળત અમર ગર ન મલકત લધ પછ કઈ કમ કરલ નથ પસ ખટ લધ છ જથ ગરહક ન સતષ થય તમટ કમ કરવ"

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  • Sara Freder

    Sara Freder

    2.3 (20 reviews)
    • Astrology
    • www.sara-freder.com

    "Need urgent olcut help to save two life's limited money source please two life's as God mother . Life in danger are in india. Regards. sameer kumar"

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