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  • The Extraordinary Chris

    The Extraordinary Chris

    1.9 (72 reviews)
    • Astrology

    "I said no.He's just asked me a pensioner to lend him £500!
    I said no he sent loads of pictures of the old chris.but not himself in perfectly sure he's a scam.he told me he goes to hypnosis classes so he's having hypnosis for someth..."

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  • Kasamba


    1.7 (149 reviews)
    • Astrology

    "Hi, I just created the account and I saw 3 minutes for free. Plus, I was charged $15. I chatted with the reader for 4 minutes, so I should be charged for 1 minute which is $10, but $54.95 was taken from my account. I need a..."

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  • Jenna Astrologer

    Jenna Astrologer

    2.6 (64 reviews)
    • Astrology

    "I just got an awful email telling me on December 30th something horrible is going to happen and I will be separated from my loved ones and my life will fall apart in 2024. Who does this? Fear tactics dont work on me."

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  • Astromary


    2.0 (95 reviews)
    • Astrology

    "I have been receiving her weekly emails for some time, now, and have never responded or ordered anything. Her English is sometimes very odd, and she often claims that certain momentous events -- positive and negative -- will be..."

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  • Maria Duval

    Maria Duval

    3.3 (7 reviews)
    • Astrology

    "Hi this is Patricia. I used to stay on in Gary Indiana and I have been receiving your letters through mail and my new address is 33655.E Sahara Ave Apt.1071 Arcadia Palms Westland Apartments the old addresses that I used to live..."

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  • Psychic Source

    Psychic Source

    2.3 (78 reviews)
    • Astrology

    "Dont make a spice you get a bad reading they dont give you money back just a dollar you spend 15 $20. You get back a dollar."

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  • Ashra Spellcaster

    Ashra Spellcaster

    3.3 (81 reviews)
    • Astrology

    "In 2020 I was desperate to get my ex back. I found Ashra and had high hopes that all I needed was a spell to get my ex back. I contacted Ashra, and she went to "work". I must have done 8 spells (spent about $1500) all with high..."

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  • ESPchat


    1.8 (47 reviews)
    • Astrology

    "Refund request is going on Week 3 now. Delays due to my bank not accepting the credit back from Espchat, had no merit after I contacted my bank. Every reply would assure me "We have issued your refund of $__ today. Please wait..."

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  • Sara Freder

    Sara Freder

    2.2 (20 reviews)
    • Astrology

    "Dear Sara Freder Team,
    I hope this message finds you well. I recently joined your affiliate program and am excited to promote your products. However, I have noticed that the affiliate program platform is frequently offline, making..."

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  • Saral Vaastu

    Saral Vaastu

    3.0 (66 reviews)
    • Astrology

    "સભળત નથ તમણ અમર પરશન મર સર મળત અમર ગર ન મલકત લધ પછ કઈ કમ કરલ નથ પસ ખટ લધ છ જથ ગરહક ન સતષ થય તમટ કમ કરવ"

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